33 Helpful Hacks: How to make iOS work for you

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Nov 30, 2022

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Hi,June here

You may have seen my other blog on helpful hacks (when it’s published) but this one is aimed at my fellow Apple lovers out there. Plus a few general hacks to help your productivity. 

The idea is to make time to work less & create more – growth, freedom, PLAY! 

My team and I actively use almost all of these every day.

Why iOS hacks you may wonder? Well, did you know I worked at Apple for years? I picked up all sorts of helpful tips & tricks along the way.

Okay, here we go!

The basics…

  1. iCloud – if there’s ever been something you need to implement, it’s iCloud! I know that while I’m traveling, if anything were to happen to my laptop or phone, I have a backup. I can buy a new device and have EVERYTHING on there – online is the way to go. 
  2. Airdrop – almost immediate with no loss of quality & the easiest way to share photos and files between your own devices and between people.
  3. Reminder app – the best way to keep an eye on your personal, work, shared to-do’s. Don’t spend time trying to remember what you need to do, write it down then and there. 
  4. Notes app – easy, quick, and simple. Shared between your devices & can be collaborative with others. Take notes, remember what’s happening, remind yourself, and make your life easier.
  5. Preview signing – my team was genuinely mind blown when I showed them this hack. Say goodbye to Adobe Acrobat! Simply open your document > Tools > Annotate > Signature > Done.

General hacks that will save you time & energy…

  1. Create templates – emails, content, assets, articles, marketing…EVERYTHING. If you do it more than once, you should always have a copy-able template. 
  2. Naming conventions – implement standard ways to name documents so they always follow the same structure, and become easy to find. 
  3. Time blocking – this is not meant to be rigid but rather accountability to that time. Outline your priorities and see where it makes sense to fit them in – add some creativity in between admin and more brain-taxing tasks to keep things fresh.

The point isn’t to complicate your life, but to simplify it. These hacks may take a little implementation and getting used to, but once they’re in place, I guarantee they’ll make your life easier. 

There are 25 other helpful hacks where those came from! Download your FREE 33 Hacks PDF here.

P.S: There’s one hack in there you’ll definitely want – it’s something my team and I simply CANNOT live without!

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