5 Levels of Audience Awareness


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Sep 25, 2020

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In my 8+ years in digital marketing, I find that the most challenging part of promoting a business is how you can deliver the right content to your target audience at the right time.

When creating a campaign, finding the target audience is the first step however it’s not as simple as knowing who they are because even if your audiences have a mutual interest, they are still unique in many ways.

There are certain levels of audience awareness that you should consider before starting promoting your brand and these levels can have a big impact on your customer journey. Audience awareness is how much they know about your brand and what you offer – they can be at the level where they have zero knowledge about you or have heard you once.

Understanding your audience’s level of awareness will give you insight on what kind of content to show, what to do next, and how to start building a long-lasting relationship with them.

But first, let’s define who your audience is:

  • Determine your audience’s demographic such as age, gender, location, interest, and behavior.

  • Know your customer’s needs by finding out their pain points.

  • If you were the customer, what content would make you want to buy?

After defining your audience, I suggest doing segmentation based on their level of awareness. To help you determine which level they are, I list down the 5 Levels of Audience Awareness below with different sample approach:


At this level, your audience is called the Stranger or Cold Audience. They have no idea about your brand and they don’t even know that there’s a problem to solve. Your approach should be pointing out this problem and since they will meet you for the first time, you should avoid being aggressive. Instead, put your focus on doing a creative campaign that will leave a long lasting impression that when they meet you again, they will recognize you.


Your audience at this level is still Cold Audience BUT they are aware that there’s a problem to solve, however, there’s not enough reason to seek a solution. In this level, your campaign should exhibit the problem, its cause and effect, and align it with their pain. This is also your chance to introduce the solution you can provide. Keep in mind that your audience will meet you for the first time so don’t be aggressive and empathize with them instead.


At this level, the audience knows their problem and they want a solution for it. They are looking for a brand they could trust so your goal is to make them become your Prospect or Warm Audience. To do that, you have to retarget those in Level 1 and Level 2 to show the solution you offer. These people saw you before and probably know what you offer but they still want you to prove how your solution is better than the other brands. Give your best shot to your campaign and stand out among your competitors.


Your audiences at this level are already Prospects which you need to create a campaign that can lead them to become Potential Customers. These people have known your brand and have ideas on what you offer, but they still need something to push them to finally decide to take action. I suggest you highlight their pain point and what will happen if they don’t solve the problem. Making them Potential Customers means you have to collect their contact info so give them a reason to do so, such as giving a Special Offer that you’ll send on their email.


Your audience is the Warmest at this level because they are ready to convert. They just need an offer that they can’t refuse. You can do it by giving free shipping, percent discount or add freebies to your offer. You can be a little aggressive with your campaign by adding a sense of urgency and make them realize what they are missing when they don’t take action now.

Once you succeed with these Levels, your next move is to improve your Audience Order Value (AOV) which I’ll cater to my next blog.

It is important to know how you can improve your Audience’s Level of Awareness so you should know how Funnel Marketing works and how to move them from funnel to funnel. My Ultimate guide is still available so grab your free copy on this link.

Having an Optimized Presence will also help you have consistent results.

Read Why Presence Optimization is Important

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