5 Ways to use Instagram Reels in your Marketing Strategy

5 Ways to use Instagram Reels in your Marketing Strategy

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Sep 6, 2020

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Since the first time we heard about the Instagram Reels which first launched in Brazil last year, there are mixed reactions like how this is almost similar to the entertainment platform TikTok and how this feature will affect the experience of Instagrammers.

Luckily for Facebook Inc., it seems they hit the bomb this time. The feedback is really strong that IG improved their platform based on it.

You should read my blog about Instagram Challenges TikTik for Reels! to know how it changes over the past months and to know the step by step guide on how you can create Reels.

On August 5, the long-awaited rival of TikTok is finally up to over 50 countries! What really amazes me is how marketers are starting to adapt Reels to their marketing.

We know what this means—more 15s videos in a vertical format are coming to our feeds!


Businesses are competing with creativity so this added feature on Instagram will start to change the marketing game.

These are the 5 ways to use Reels to your advantage

#1. Be Real. Create informal videos for more human-y feel

We are in social media to connect with people we care about and at the same time, to be entertained. We don’t like seeing brands selling hard in our feed and messages.

IG Reels open a path for informal promotion. Use this to express your own brand personality with short interactive videos.

By now, I’m sure you already built up your brand persona so you just need to continue expressing it in more relatable form.

For instance, when offering a product you may create Reels containing testimonials from your customers in a more creative way such as adding effects, music, and countdown timer. Take this as an opportunity on how your product was used in real life.

Another way is to make entertaining videos that will include the usage of your product. You may act out the pain point of your audience and how life-changing your product is.

The challenge is, all this should happen in 15 seconds only. Good thing, you can also edit the speed of your Reel! You can create fast-forward videos which give a more entertaining vibe.

#2. Tell Story

Storytelling is a classic way to promote your product or services. How you come up with your products, problems you encountered and how you cope up with it are stories worth sharing.

You can apply these stories to your Reels by using flashback videos, a slideshow of old photos, or a quick brand story from start to date. Make sure you choose the right audio.

Your Reels should be inspiring. You’re telling stories to give inspiration and let your audience feel that they are part of your success.

#3. Behind-the-scene footage

You might be surprised about this but what’s happening behind the curtain is as entertaining as what’s happening in the front line.

Just like how movies are promoted by showing bloopers and behind-the-scenes footage, showcasing the inside of your business lets you create interesting content that is different from the usual face of the brand.

You can show what’s happening inside the company, the daily work of your employees, and how you do your products.

This is also a good way to give assurance that your products are high quality by showing clips on how you choose materials to produce your products especially if your production is handmade—this will surely amaze your audience and will add value to your brand.

If you have a lot of stories to tell, combine this with IGTV to make it a series. Use Reels as a teaser and IGTV to show the whole story.

#4. Emotional Reels

What’s good about videos is that you can show emotion by gestures, facial expressions, video effects, and music.

Your videos should touch the following emotions:

  • Curiosity

  • Relevancy

  • Excitement

  • Happiness

  • Sadness

  • Sympathy

  • Empathy

Music has a great impact on a video. Effects will also boost your creativity. Use all the features available in IG Reels to create a piece that will touch the emotion of your audience.

#5. Evergreen Content

Competing with TikTok is not the only reason why IG Reels was born.

Reels is a new way to create brand new content that is fun and entertaining.

A demo video or promotional video will just bore the audience if you don’t put effort into it. Maximize Reels to its full potential!

Focus your video in creating entertainment that can last long. Even if the trend is dead, your video should always be relevant. All examples I mentioned above are evergreen contents.

Overall, the result of your Reels will of course still depend on how creative you are when doing it. If you use TikTok then you have an advantage.

Now, what’s the reaction of TikTok about IG Reels?


Well, the competition between the two platforms will give you an advantage especially this time that the issue is still hot. You can add TikTok to your marketing strategy as well.

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