A CLIENT WIN! Helping our client QUELL acquire 15K leads in < 5 weeks PRE-Kickstarter

A CLIENT WIN! Helping our client QUELL acquire 15K leads in & 5 weeks PRE-Kickstarter

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Sep 11, 2020

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Hi,June here



It is really important to celebrate.

And this week wanted to celebrate our client WINS!

So let me tell you about one of our clients: Quell.

This is a Y COMBINATOR backed startup.  for those of you who don’t know who that is – they are the biggest accelerator that backed companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, Rappi and Stripe.

And we are super excited for Quell.

Quell offers the newest and advanced gaming technology that lets us experience the high intensity, resistance-based gaming workout.

BUT it’s not the typical VR game where you just move around, because Quell used a glove-like device called Gauntlet attached with resistance bands connected to a chest piece.

So it’s like playing video games while shadow boxing but you can feel a real resistance in every punch. You can also monitor the improvement of your punching speed, strength, and accuracy even with zero combat skills giving you a good sweat and fitness you need.




One of the founders of Quell came to me one day discussing how they want to capture signups to get a strong and large email list before they start with their Kickstarter campaign and eventually get this device out in the market.

Using Facebook Lead Generation Ads, our campaigns were able to reach 2 Million people+ and got us..

15K + EMAIL LEADS in less than 5 WEEKS! 

After having these massive amounts of interest and signups to add this on their wishlist, Quell finally launched their Kickstarter campaign on August 18 with an initial funding goal of $30,000.

This goal was funded completely in the first 3 hours!!!

And right now.. TheY have raised: $507,555!!

Quell was also featured at Techcrunch and Vrroom.buzz. This is expected to be out in the market in September 2021.

I am super happy for Quell and also if you are interested in it there’s only 15 days left to back it!

But do so here:


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