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I first learnt I wanted to work with creatives when I found myself managing 350 creative volunteers for Melbourne’s fashion festival in 2013. Those volunteers were all creatives with various specialties like photography, makeup, and fashion. 

I wanted to help those creatives achieve more and collaborate. 

Now? I live a life surrounded, supported, and inspired by creatives. 

My life philosophy of play hard, hustler harder has turned into a framework for my creative clients to achieve more, reclaim time, and live a life of their own design. They can be 100% present in their lives and their art, while a thriving business supported by systems, teams, and automations hustles for them in the background.

Working with creative clients to let their online assets do the work for them has led to celebrating 5-figure launches and 6-figure selling periods so they can focus on what matters most: creating art.

About  June 

presence optimizer

I wasn’t always in control of my time & presence.

Working in corporate, climbing the ladder and chasing six-figure salaries sounds like a dream.

My next role after the Melbourne Fashion Festival was an Audience Development Producer - which was just a fancy name for a 3-person job all to myself. I worked on Marketing & Event Partnerships for a booming New York startup - which sounds like a dream, but the work environment was so toxic.

With an impossible workload and 14-hour days, I knew that kind of work culture didn’t align with what I wanted.

I left that job, which became a turning point for me.

Started from the bettom,

I started travelling, where I found the time to be present.

 Redefining Success? 

After I left that job, I started travelling. I’ve travelled to 55 countries and counting. While I’ve discovered new parts of the world, I’ve worked remotely and scaled a business of my own.

Eventually, it became clear that my drive to travel stemmed from feeling so disconnected with over two decades of people telling me what I needed to do.

People told me I needed certain things in order to be successful, but it didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t want to have a mortgage for the rest of my life. I didn’t want to chase a six-figure salary. I didn’t want to tolerate toxic work environments. What’s success without happiness?

So I started my business and scaled it entirely location independent.

I created systems for myself, my team, and my clients so they could optimize their online business, be present offline, and live a life of true freedom.

& what it meant on my terms.


Over the years, I’ve learnt that with a business you have complete control over what you choose to achieve and manifest.

At my core, I’m here to help creatives find true freedom by doubling down on what they do best: creating art and finding joy in creativity

I’ve met creatives like my client ChelseaKauai. What I love most about creatives like Chelsea is they dare to think bigger than where they’re standing. My analytical, strategic brain perfectly complements this visionary way of thinking.

Meeting creatives like Chelsea sparked my mission to help creatives take back their time and enjoy the present. I channeled my love (and skill) of creating systems and building teams to help creatives optimize their online business, be present offline, and live a life of true freedom.

And I’m chasing my own version of success every step of the way.

and you can too

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2. what are you most proud of?

My freedom. The way I didn't conform and created this life on my own terms. Cultivating this business working with the coolest humans possible. 

1. What’s your favorite tool & why?

I'm a ClickUp nerd, I've tested all the PM tools out there and this is what I use to run my agency/remote team well. The trick is how you use it to suit your work.

Get to Know June:

Your past doesn’t have to control you or your future. Show up today, striving to be better than the “you” from yesterday.

- june Aye

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