Best Productivity Tools for Creative Entrepreneurs

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Aug 10, 2022

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It’s time to get organized and free up your time with the ultimate list of productivity apps. Heavy tasks will always require a high level of efficiency. However, we encounter barriers along the way that disrupt our progress. To help you work smarter, not harder, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 Best Productivity Tools for Creative Entrepreneurs.

  1. Clickup

    Introducing the ultimate productivity tool and project management software. Clickup helps you organize projects and chores in whatever format works for you – whether it’s a calendar, a board, or a list. Not only that, but Clickup connects with other productivity applications to make integration easier. This tool includes everything a small business owner requires.

  2. Calendly

    Calendly is one of those must-have productivity tools for business owners who frequently arrange online meetings and appointments with clients. Simply send your link, let people see when you’re free, and voila, your meeting is planned. Even more convenient, Calendly will send your meeting a Zoom link as well as a calendar invite. This solution eliminates the need for time-consuming emails determining schedules.

  3. Freedom

    With Freedom, you can reclaim your attention and productivity. This tool blocks selected websites and apps so you can focus entirely on your task. 

    While we understand that you only want to scroll on Instagram for a few minutes, we often find ourselves wasting 20 minutes without even realizing it. Just remember to let your teammates know you’ll be gone for a while!

  4. Lastpass

    In the age of increasingly complex and secure passwords, do you find yourself forgetting a password after creating a new login? You’re suddenly spending more time on security questions, captchas, and checking your email for a verification code. This is a major time vampire, no matter how minor it appears.

    Lastpass is a free password organizer that lets you sign in across all of your devices. You can also give a link to your teammates so that they can log in without seeing the password. You can rely on this program to protect your data and keep you safe from malware.


  5. CleanFox

    One of the more straightforward answers on the age-old question of how to be more productive is to get organized! This is especially important with your inbox. Well, Cleanfox can help you. With this application, you can quickly and conveniently delete newsletters that you haven’t read. This allows you to focus on only the most essential emails. Fun fact: Did you know that sending a newsletter can generate up to 10 grams of CO2?

  6. Zapier

    Zapier is a workflow automation solution that integrates your apps, making your processes more efficient. The automation boils down to WHEN and DO. For example, when a Facebook lead arrives, Gmail sends an email.

    Zapier suggests automating tasks that don’t require you to think, actions that you do frequently, and anything that requires you to move data from one app to another. Is this the holy grail of productivity tools for entrepreneurs? Time is money after all!


  7. Slack

    Slack isn’t your average messaging platform. This productivity tool allows you to streamline communication within your team by creating “channels” or different topics of discussion. Say goodbye to establishing fresh group chats for every occasion or new project that comes in using Slack. This is ideal for creative entrepreneurs that are working on multiple projects. Conversations are simpler to keep track of and you can share photos without losing any quality – win-win!

  1. Noisli

    Have you ever tried to find the perfect sound to match your work mood? It can be time-consuming at times. Noisli allows you to concentrate on your job while listening to soothing sounds like wood noises, crickets, rain, and coffee shop conversation. This keeps you from becoming sidetracked by upbeat music and overused lyrics. Pro users can utilize timers to track their productivity while using this Chrome extension.

  2. Loom

    Loom is a video messaging tool that allows you to record your screen and camera and share it with your team. This tool helps you explain, give instructions and create standard procedures needed by your team. There’s no need to meet for coffee to go over the steps on your computer and videos can be rewatched by your team or clients at any time. Install the Loom Chrome extension for quick access to the app.


    1. Win The Day

      Win The Day is a productivity tool essential for keeping track of your routines and objectives. Set a 13-week deadline and keep track of your progress. It might be journaling, meditating, or exercising. This program also disables your most distracting websites, allowing you to work more productively. Download the Chrome extension to be reminded to log your activity at all times.

Less time on time-consuming administrative clutter means more time to focus on what’s really important. Get organized, get automated, get more freedom in your life.

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