Boost your Online Presence with IG Reels

Boost your Online Presence with IG Reels

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Oct 16, 2020

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Hi,June here



Have you tried Reels yet? If not, you’re missing the biggest game of Instagram this 2020.



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A post shared by June Digital Mentor (@juneaye) on Sep 18, 2020 at 9:18pm PDT


Instagram Reels is a new way to boost your Online Presence.

Using IG Reels will give you a lot of opportunities such as growing your brand organically, improve the connection to your tribe, and increase sales.

Actually, there are many Tiktokers who are shifting their fans to Instagram so if you are one of them, you have the biggest advantage.

Similar to how IG Story works, Reels is a 15 seconds video that can be shared like a story and will be gone after 24hrs BUT you have an option to put your Reels to its dedicated section on your Instagram Page.




To help your online presence boost, here are the 5 ways to get discovered with Reels:

#1 Be at the Explore Page

The explore page is used by 50% of Instagram users each month, with dedicated space for Reels, there is a higher chance to get it viral.

Because even those not following you will see your Reels and you’ll have a chance to be featured on the Explore page.

Featured Reels are selected by Instagram. Reels that are unique, entertaining, and inspiring.

#2 Take advantage of Reels right now

This is the best time to do it. Since this feature is new and Tiktok is still hot at the moment, not everyone is using it yet so there’s a high chance of getting into the Explore page and being featured.

You can also share your Reels with your friends by sending it to them and posting it to the Reels section of your IG page.

#3 Find your style

Be unique and entertaining. Just like how you do other content on Instagram, your Reels should follow your brand and style.

Add your logo, apply your color schemes, or have a greet and sign-off spiel to identify yourself effectively.

You may read my 5 Ways to use Instagram Reels in your Marketing Strategy to learn how to make creative Reels.

It’s also best to stay within the 4:5 ratio because of the cut-off, and even while recording, the video will appear smaller before it’s displayed at 9:16.

#4 Be Consistent

Even if you plan to publish various Reels, you still have to be consistent.

Post frequently with the same style. Populate your Reels section with different contents that have value. Just make sure that they are evergreen content so it will be relevant all the time.

#5 Give value to your audience

Tips, hacks, tutorials, and advice are the most popular evergreen content – a 15-second video is long enough to provide value.

Make your video entertaining but have value to it so people will naturally share it with their page or friends.



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A post shared by June Digital Mentor (@juneaye) on Oct 4, 2020 at 10:39am PDT


The most important tip I can give you is to enjoy the process. I’ve been posting Reels since September and I can prove that I really enjoy it with the Reels I’m publishing at my @JuneAye Instagram page. Haha

On my next blog, I’ll share with you how to create an entertaining IG Reels with value.

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