Business Planning for Creators

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Grateful for your time here, hopefully this Masterclass will give you a clear Action Plan on what your next follow up steps will be!

Here you are able to access any part of the class again, try to do each step even if you feel like you might understand the concept.

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7 Steps to help you shift from Creative Passions into Profits:

Introduction - Business Planning for Creators
Step 1 - Creative Clarity

We start by discovering what is truly meaningful to you so you can create the life you want to be living WHILE feeling fulfilled doing your work.

Step 2 - Ideal Creative Biz

Create a mind map for your ideal creative business that stretches limits beyond your beliefs.

Step 3: Personal branding & how to define your personal brand

Learn the two things you need to transform your personal brand into a business.

Step 4: Creative Biz Model

Learn the NEW way of connecting to audiences on social media. Use this framework and tie it to the profitability of every project you put your time into from this point forward.

Step 5: Creating Consistency

Learn the strategy of showing up consistently without having to be online every day so you can be more present while building your business.

Step 6: Offering

Learn an effortless way to create an offering that makes collaborators feel comfortable and at ease when you share your rates. Take the steps to snowball on your momentum so you can reach the next level.

Step 7: Expansion & Growth

Expand your reach, be open to expansion, and challenge yourself creatively as you grow your business. Learn how to maintain business growth and be open to opportunities.

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