Step 5: Creating Consistently

Step 5: Creating Consistently

Practice your art, continue to create. To win at CONSISTENCY, means you will win the game – with an audience because they already built a connection with you and are eager to see more of your content.

Here, we will focus on CONSISTENCY. As a creator, you must be visible to your audience in such a way that they will seek you out if you do not post anything for a day. 

To win the game, you must create an impact by planning your content creation strategy.

SummaryActionKey Takeaway
  • This will probably be the hardest part 
  • Produce, perfect and replicate. You need to upkeep consistency 
  • Be efficient as possible is key and automation is your friend 
  • Try batch create as much as possible 

It is hard to make sure you are present all the time but it’s not that hard.

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