Step 1 – Creative Clarity

Step 1: Creative Clarity

We need to get clear on your vision first. 

For this session, you should be able to determine what work truly matters to you and ask yourself if you are able to perform your inner creativity while earning money.

All these as you dive deeper into your thoughts by completing our Creative Clarity Workbook 1. Download HERE.

SummaryActionKey Takeaway
  • Step 1 is Creative clarity.
  • Imagine  yourself as you create, find clarity in that process
  • How will you feel if you get paid for that thing you love doing?
  • We will dig deep into your goals and how that ties into who you are 
  • Refocus the energy into why you do what you do
  • Set aside the time to really dig deep. 
  • Ask yourself the important questions – what are your creative goals and ask yourself how you feel about that.
  • Download the Workbook1 – Creative Clarity

Understanding your Why is the first step because it drives everything. You need to understand that to create a business that you will enjoy.

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