Step 7: Open to Growth

Step 7: Expansion & Growth

As you progress with your business, there will always be an aspect of growth within your new ideas, aspirations, and visions. There is always something that is in need of innovation, possible collaborations, and partnership, or other marketing approaches.

You will be able to realize the value of growth in your business. You should always be open to opportunities for growth but make sure to keep up the game of CONSISTENCY.

Now that you have a roadmap in place to make money from your passions,  it’s time to put it into action. So be sure to share it with someone who is likewise looking to turn that creativity into profit.

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SummaryActionKey Takeaway
  • Be open to growth 
  • You have already started your business 
  • Ensure that you engage on collaboration 
  • Think about if you need someone who can help you expand and consider hiring 
  • Don’t get overwhelmed by marketing but have capacity to dive into it

You are now going to start growing and with growth comes the opportunity to expand, stick to your values but allow yourself to find new ways to keep putting yourself out there.

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