Step 2: Ideal Creative Biz

Step 2: Ideal Creative Biz

You never know you’re capable of something until opportunity knocks. You may be unclear of your actual potential until you learn how to connect with others.

For this session, we will focus on Mind Mapping. Think of this as an exercise for you to identify your ideal business – without limits, without obstacles.  This will also guide you to pulling in parts of the business and tailoring them to fit your creative side.

You can draw on the whiteboard and put MY IDEAL CREATIVE BUSINESS in the center, then start adding elements relative to your subject. But if you’re a go-to-techie type of guy, you can freely choose with another online whiteboard tool like Miro or even ClickUp now.

Get your pen and start doodling into your drawing board.


SummaryActionKey Takeaway
  • Think of your ideal creative business 
  • What does your everyday life look like?
  • Your audience is important part of your business and there is where your opportunities are waiting for you

Mind Mapping your Ideal Creative Business 

  • I want you to dream 
  • Print out the digital file or start creating it online 
  • Visualize your opportunities

Download the Ideal Creative Biz Workbook.

  • Start by mind mapping what the perfect type of business looks like, what do you want to get paid for?
  • Download the Ideal Creative Biz Workbook.
  • You can use Miro or the app Figma digitally OR just write out on paper to start visualizing your dream business.

It starts with imagining it and finding the right people who will be the audience for your creative output.

Do not be afraid to dream without boundaries. Approach this step without criticism or fear. Lean into what you are feeling and go big!

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