Step 6: Offering

The organic following that you achieve through your social media sites and other online business platforms is the reflection of people taking part of your value, your creative insights, and your passion to seek what it is you truly want and endeavor to impart to others as well.  That’s the biggest face value your business will achieve if you put these steps into action.

You may want to achieve a certain amount for the services/products that you are creating, hence, this rate and packages class. It is your job to make sure you have an offer, to someone who really likes your work. 

You will be able to learn to create a package that will provide revenue streams.

SummaryActionKey Takeaway
  • When you start being consistency you will start connecting with your ideal audience 
  • When creating your offers you need to be clear on what you are providing in turn for what 
  • Balance out experience and exposure with the cost of your rate 
  • How do I know how much I should charge?

Consistency is the key to profit, and will always attract your first customers  so far that they will tell you what they want and need.

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