ClickUp: Up Your Projects A Notch

ClickUp: Up Your Projects A Notch

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Oct 22, 2021

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An Overview

As a creative who heavily relies on efficiency and transparency, it’s important for me to keep track of my team’s progress.

And believe me when I tell you I have tried almost every single tool and thing available out there to make my life easier.

I caught myself having to open a lot of tabs and websites just to be able to communicate what needs to be done. There’s also that reality of having to use a lot of scheduling and note tools in order for me to convey the tasks to my team.

As if all of this wasn’t trouble enough, I also had a hard time seeing and looking at everything in one glance. You know, the one where you can visibly everything going on on one page?

I low-key wanted something that allowed me to track progress and monitor if I and my team are on schedule – and I wanted all of that to be done on one site or platform.

Of course, there’s nothing bad with having other platforms open whenever you’re in the process of accomplishing tasks. There’s just something about sites and software we’re so used to that they just make our lives as creatives much easier.

But sometimes, it helps me become much more efficient whenever I have all my tasks and deadlines visible on one platform.

And this feature is just about that platform that has helped me elevate my management tasks to the next level.

When you’re a brand and you’re thinking of building a team for yourself, it can get a bit daunting, considering everything you have to go through.

You have to be familiar with a bunch of online tools for making to-do lists, you have to be aware of several communications platforms, and of course, you also have to have a tool that helps remind your team when a specific task is due.

Of course, after all of this, you need to figure out if the tool is too complex for anyone to understand! Because of this, you resort to conducting training and modules for your team to be familiar with the platform you are going to be using.

Imagine doing all of this for each website and tool you’ll be using!

This is what makes ClickUp stand out.

What is ClickUp all about?


One thing I loved most about ClickUp is the customization feature.

I can easily toggle between settings to make the interface easy to understand. This makes it a perfect tool for me, as I am a creative who values efficiency.

Another thing I deem important when working on projects is transparency.

While my team is working on a task, I can easily see their progress, thanks to ClickUp’s progress feature. I can do subtasks within a specific task to check and see how my team is doing.

When working on documents, I also have the feature to highlight texts and instructions, making it clear to my team what they will be working on. They are also aware of what to do next, whether it be for reviewing, gathering ideas, or if a task is in progress, or even if it is approved for posting on my social media platforms or website!

The Wrap Up

If you’re someone like me who values my time offline and who likes being organized, then you should definitely consider utilizing a tool as intuitive as ClickUp. I can attest to the progress me and my team have had over the months, and I have no plans of stopping.

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