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Chelsea Kauai is a Hawaii-born creative, freediver & acroyoga teacher. She encourages mindfulness, creativity and movement. Together we have supported her online business presence. June acts as Chelsea's right hand in most projects & as her team we have been proud to be part of:  

@chelseakauaipresets: 8K+

@notestomindfulness - 11K+


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Sorelle Amore inspires people to live in Freedom. Her YouTube channels share Travel, Self Photography, Freedom & Finance. She had many properties all over the world & different businesses to manage. 

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Ciara is the Solo Travel Queen who inspires people to travel.  From quitting her job & now traveling full time. She not only works on amazing brand partnerships but has also spoken at TravelCon. Ciara is the go-to for travel resources. 

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Kolder Creative is Sam Kolder's Film Academy where students learn how to master the art of video editing. Over 3K students learn from Sam - using  DaVinciResolve, PS Premier and more.


Product development

3K+ students

Creative CEOS

We love supporting creative CEOs in bringing their ideas to life. We do so with my full service Creator Agency/ OBM Team - Qudoze.

We focus on reclaiming time through optimized growth strategy & systems. Helping areas of launch strategy, marketing, business operations, branding, design & more.


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