What is a creative entrepreneur?

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Sep 17, 2022

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Hi,June here

Maybe you’ve heard the term creative entrepreneur and wondered “how does this differ from a regular entrepreneur?” Well, we’re here to give you the inside scoop! So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

What is a creative entrepreneur?

Simply put, the core difference between creative entrepreneurs and regular entrepreneurs are the types of businesses they start. 

A creative entrepreneur will be drawn to starting a business in a creative industry/field. For example, writing, design, content creation, photography, art, podcasting, gaming, and sometimes coding falls under creative entrepreneurship too. Of course, these are not the only possible options, especially as the world grows and changes. New options for creative entrepreneurship pop up every day and starting businesses become even more accessible. 

Jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago are commonplace today. Jobs that didn’t exist 2 years ago are now just as common just goes to show, that new ideas and innovation are occurring all the time, and there is plenty of space for creativity to turn into a successful business.


What are the types of creative entrepreneurs?

There are SIX types of creative entrepreneurs that are currently recognised, but that is not to say these categories are cut and dry, there are plenty who fit in between. 


  1. Freelancers

    Starting with one of the most common – and recognisable – types of entrepreneur, the freelancer! These are individuals who have honed their craft and become experts in their field – think copywriters, graphic designers, web developers, photographers, social media managers and so on. Freelancers sell their skills on a project or hourly rate and often have highly successful businesses by doing so!


  2. Artists, Creators & Makers


    Introducing the creative entrepreneurs that focus more on tangible goods! This is exactly what you’d imagine it to be – creating products that are sold to their audiences or retailers. These products are typically aimed at, and appeal to, a specific target audience.
    Some of the best examples of this can be seen on TikTok! Think about videos you’ve seen of people creating jewelry, active wear, swimwear, candles, houseware etc.


  3. The Thought Leader


    Also known as ‘The Educator’, these creative entrepreneurs teach something specific – be it a skill like knitting or carving, or a tutorial on how to do an intangible thing like growing a following.

    Educators typically use several platforms like blogs, YouTube, podcasts, and other written content to create trust and a sense of topic authority. This is often a space where you’ll find free resources that lead to paid courses.

  4. Coaches

    Hello charismatic creatives! An magnetic personality draws people in but the secret lies in their ability to amplify others’ potential. Their success comes from coaching clients and helping them to achieve success and growth in whatever area they specialize in – life, business etc.

  5. Entertainers

    Potentially one of the most common types of creative entrepreneur found in the wild today! There are various groups within this category, think podcasters, YouTubers, musicians, performers…TikTokers! What makes them similar is the fact that they produce content that their audience find engaging and captivating.

    But, how do they make money? In the case of TikTok and Instagram, think about ads, brand deals and so on. For others, revenue comes from ticket sales, advertising, direct sales etc.


  6. The Curator


    Have you ever seen videos of ‘flippers’? And we’re not talking about swimming aids! One of the easiest examples would be someone purchasing a cabinet, sanding, painting, maybe changing the hardware, and reselling it for a profit. Alternatively, someone that has the uncanny knack of finding thrifted gems and selling them to their own customers.


WHAT they sell, depends on the person and the brand they’re trying to create!


And to answer the question we’re sure is on all of your minds – “How to become a creative entrepreneur” – is just to start. 


There are no strict boxes to fit into and you don’t need to have a business degree, you just need an idea, an audience, and some persistence. 

Start small, but start somewhere! 

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Happy entrepreneuring! 

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