Defining your WHY, Is The Foundation To Your Personal Branding

Defining your WHY, Is The Foundation To Your Personal Branding

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Oct 26, 2021

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Personal Branding

Knowing your WHY is to understand the reason behind your actions. It’s the driving force of every MUST and the core value of everything that aligns with your PURPOSE.

You might be shocked to learn that articulating a clear goal requires much more than a generic statement, and this is where genuinely successful businesses vary from the rest: they begin with their “WHY” and are supported by defining who they are.



When starting a business, everything seems blurry. Everything is raw and the drawing board might get a little messy. But start by picking your own definition. Are you being your authentic self? because it will reflect on your brand and your audience will resonate with it.

Maybe start checking these helpful tips,


–        Am I in the right business?

–        What am I capable of doing?

–        Does my purpose align with what I am trying to achieve here?

–        Can I create a distinctive feature apart from the rest?

–        What is my core value?

–        What is my mission and vision?

–        Who is my target audience?

Personal Branding 2

Clarifying where you stand and how your target audience will perceive you is a big deal in every business. It’s not about how you appear, or even what you show them through your presence, it’s about how you make them FEEL.

Are they feeling…






Then answering these questions can help you make it a little easier to optimize your presence and capture your audiences’ hearts.

Anyone in business should always strive to understand their core WHY. This stems from our core values, our beliefs, and how we choose to show up daily in our lives.

How do you want to show up? Either within your brick-and-mortar establishment or within your online presence, the consistency on how you want the audience to perceive your business is vital to your personal branding.

  1.     You want to show up as an expert.

Perhaps an expert that stands with your mission and goal to perfectly produce your intention well and your desire to genuinely deliver your services.

 Consider the following:

–        Amplify what you believe

–        Get a clear setting for your core values

–        Share your experiences and learnings from the past

–        Establish a clear objective on how you want to achieve your goal 

  1.     You want to become an entrepreneur.

Your target audience is always wanting to be aware of who is behind the brand when making contact with you. Thus, one of the important elements is to represent your brand well that is aligned with your values. It is about connecting with someone authentically through those shared values. And when you form a unique connection, and a shared perspective, as you expand on those partnerships, your journey evolves into something meaningful. 

  1.   You want to show up as a Creative

You must examine yourself and determine what you want to talk about on a daily basis. What would you be doing if no one was paying you and no one was watching you? After you’ve established your personal brand’s function and objectives, you can move on to developing a brand strategy.




I had no concept what personal branding was when I first started. I received a clue that I wasn’t projecting the correct image well enough, but then I realized that my creativity was only waiting to be recognized. I wasn’t looking for that section, yet it managed to sneak up on me. Since then, I’ve realized that I need to be more deliberate about it. That’s exactly what I did. I look for my inner self, what I want to do, and with whom. I don’t want to be a part of social norms anymore nor be swayed by others’ decisions.

So, I came up with these,

Self-Help Checklist:

–        Did I take a mindful break?

–        Did I spend positive time with other people?

–        Did I make a self-improved action for today?

–        Did I complete my planned objective?

My primary values are freedom, connection, and growth, and it finally dawned on me that these important concepts are at the heart of everything I do. I’m going to delve deeper into these right now, but I encourage you to do the same.

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