Are you generating great content but feeling like the business side of things just isn't adding up? 

Does any of this sound like you? 

  • Despite making amazing content, it’s just not converting for you? 
  • Struggling to actually make more money despite having an engaged audience?
  • Feeling disheartened because of the lack of clear results? 
  • Confused about your brand vs your business & don’t know where to focus?
  • Feeling like you are wasting time/energy into the wrong areas?

You probably struggle to define the boundaries between your online presence and your actual business. 
It's not your fault - without a clear business strategy, things can get confusing. We have seen this often among Creative Business Owners like you, and it’s time we change that.

By fixing your funnel and creating a cohesive strategy tailored to your goals, we'll help you work smarter and

Funnel Optimization

create more money, time & freedom.

June Aye & the team are specialized in supporting Creative CEO’s build and maintain their Online Businesses. We’ve worked with some of the best creators to help them diversify and create more time & freedom.

For the first time ever, we are offering access to this 

Let's fix that,

Usually this is not a standalone service, it has always been part of our Agency’s full service experience. It was exclusive to our retainer clients because our team helps manage end to end: supports to execute, implement and maintain the business strategy. We are excited to open this up to be available (for now)!

It’s time to add business strategy so that the creative work you do, ends up making you more money, time and freedom.

Funnel Optimization

What's Included:

There's 4 calls: 

Together in 50 days/ 6 weeks we will:
  • Access your current funnel: Identify the leaks, help implement it,
  • Integration/Execution of setting up/tweaking platforms/tools/systems
  • Review business performance & time management
  • Re-alignment of business goals.
  • Strategy to attract people into the funnel
  • The team supports your specific business goals. 

Onboarding: Goals & Visions Alignment

strategy session, attraction

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Funnel fixes, platforms, systems

analysis & optimization

Benefits/ Outcomes: 

You will become clear & focused on your end result & feel confident that what you create helps contribute to that goal.

After our honest performance review and no-bullshit approach, you will gain the clarity on what you need to invest your energy on moving forward. 

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Created by nopixelfrom the Noun Project

Activate the potential of your Creative Business.

We are the Business Management team that comes in to transform your business.

Limited to the first 5 Creative CEO’s who qualify for the service.
(Usually valued over $5K in our usual retainer services so book in this call today!)

After filling this out you will be redirected to book in a discovery call with our team! 

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“I never noticed the importance of having my funnel setup, I was just focused on creating my content. After the team created a site and connected my socials, turns out I’ve been building my email list all this time. Everything feels more cohesive & like I have a business that actually makes sales even when I’m not actively promoting any products”


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Business Optimization Mastermind (BOM)


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