Helpful Hacks Newsletter #1

Helpful Hacks Newsletter #1

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Apr 4, 2023

We help traveling Creative CEO’s with Online Business Optimization. Helping them reclaim time to create more (time, money, freedom)

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Created by nopixelfrom the Noun Project


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Includes: Updated version of 33 Helpful Hacks & your weekly tool, updates & resource curated to optimize your business & life!


1. [TOOL/TUTORIAL] Day in the Life of a Verified ClickUp ‘Power User’ 🤭

I may have shown off this verified tick a few times, but here’s why I seriously love Clickup as the ultimate project management tool.
This video shows  how I’m able to use it for my agency to organize my team across different clients & projects:
I have genuinely used every PM tool there is, even the ones with $0 in marketing. From the usual Notion, Monday, Asana, Trello to BaseCamp, Acello & Milanote.

2. [UPDATE] Desktop Ads Overlaying YouTube Videos are going!

It’s nice to see Google actually caring about a viewer’s experience on YouTube.
On the 6th of April they are removing ‘Overlay Ads’ the annoying desktop ads that sat at the bottom of each video!
Who’s happy about this!?

3. [RESOURCE] Building Your Personal Brand

You might know our girl, @ChelseaKauai. Just this human who has built her brand to over 1.1 million followers on Instagram by being herself.
Over the past years by her side, I’ve seen how Chelsea maintains positive partnerships & has always prioritized the experience of her audience. She doesn’t do this often, even though I tell her she should – so make sure to secure your spot!

4. Shoutout

Qudoze to CLÉ HUNNIGAN: @alivelikethewind

5. v2 of 33 Helpful Hacks!

There’s an updated version! I’ve added a bunch of AI tools for Writing, Creative, General and Content. I removed a few more ‘obvious’ tools which are still just as helpful. GET IT HERE.
Throughout this Helpful Hacks Newsletter, each week you will get a tool/tutorial, useful info/updates and a resource which might be a podcast, book, or event. Also expect a shoutout to give kudos to a creator that deserves it!
If you have any requests, questions or want to spotlight anyone who’s content has helped you recently – let us know by emailing us back 🙂


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