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Aug 30, 2023

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Struggling to harness the full potential of AI responses?

ChatGPT is fantastic for brainstorming, but then what? Making the most of AI tools can be overwhelming with so many options out there

That’s why I’m bringing you the latest update to the 33 Hacks, and this time, I want YOUR input. Join my FREE webinar on AI for your business!

Let’s explore together:

  1. Integrating AI with Existing Workflows
  2. Delegating to AI
  3. Specific Helpful Tools to Use
  4. Human-Centric AI

2. [TOOL] – DoNotPay

Sick of dealing with legal headaches and spending too much on lawyers? 

DoNotPay is a clever AI-powered “robot lawyer” that helps you with legal stuff. 

What can you use it for: 

  • Save money on expensive attorneys – you’ll get affordable legal help
  • Make sense of confusing paperwork
  • Get refunds back easily
  • Cancel subscriptions you don’t use
  • Got a traffic ticket? DoNotPay fights back & wins

Keen to try it out? 

To sign up, just visit the DoNotPay website, sign up and create an account.

Choose the specific legal matter you need assistance with from the available options.

Answer the questions related to your situation &  the platform will generate legal documents or advice.

3. [RESOURCE] – Alex Hormozi’s Advice on Branding in 2023

Alex Hormozi shared an eye-opening presentation at GymCon, titled “Social Media Branding in 2023.” Surprisingly, branding was not the focus of his talk as Alex believed it wasn’t the most critical aspect for 99% of businesses.

Instead, he delivered valuable insights on the power of prioritization. As business owners, we face countless decisions, but only some lead to significant profits. Alex shared frameworks to help business owners make choices that will yield the highest returns.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Strategy and prioritization go hand in hand
    • Strategy is about allocating finite resources to infinite options

Prioritization determines your financial success. When you have better priorities, you make more money!

  • Volume multiplied by leverage equals output – focus on leveraging your resources effectively to maximize results
  • Wealth comes from ownership, not just action – own assets that generate wealth instead of solely relying on your labor
  • Theory of Constraint: every business has a limiting factor. Identify and address it to achieve desired growth

Check out the full video for his other points that I believe are SO crucial! 

Qudoze to Creator: 

Natalie:  Digital Creator,

 @natigana on Instagram.


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