Helpful Hacks Newsletter #2

Helpful Hacks Newsletter #2

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Apr 17, 2023

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1. [JUNEAYE] Quick Update

This week I’m stopping by Playa Del Carmen, where I spent most of the pandemic and where I met my now life partner. I’m excited.
We are going not just to catch up with friends but to pick up a bunch of things we left, like oven glass trays, an xbox and my pile of old journals. I’m an adult now.
In those couple of years that felt like a pause/cancellation on my plans, I didn’t realize how much that stillness had served me.
It wasn’t any grand moment, or a huge launch that made x figures, it was simply showing up every day, enjoying the work I was doing and compounding together to become my successful business.
Even if, in the moment, it may not feel 100% like a ‘win’ for your goals, just remember that it’s simply showing up CONSISTENTLY that counts.
I see your efforts, keep going!
PS. If you are in Playa, I’m going to be teaching a workshop on How to Scale Your Business Remotely at a Lunch & Learn on Thursday 20th April! It’s free so swing by!

2. [Tool/Tutorial] – Unleashing Creativity with ChatGPT4

The ultimate tool right now is ChatGPT4. If you can’t get access, I’ve got a workaround for you.

Go to:
Sign up with your Email & Password
Go to the Tab: Playground (as pictured)
Type in your prompt

Note that it may not always work similar to the ChatGPT3.5 which is why they are urging users to switch to paid plans ($20 p/month).

NOW is really the time to use it, while it’s still available. (It’s already been banned in Italy so we don’t know how long this will last.)

Here’s why it’s a game-changer: 

1. Content creation made easy: No more blocks with content ideas, let chatGPT brainstorm for you.
2. Enhance your storytelling: Get suggested plot ideas, write engaging scripts, captions.
3. Expand your marketing: Access conversion driven copy & make your brand stand out.
4. Save time & resources: Simplify research/repetitive tasks. Ultimately helping you reclaim time to focus on your own creative projects/ within your own business.

3. [Update] – TikTok’s Ticking Clock: Creators

The latest news has certainly stirred up the social media sphere: the much-anticipated TikTok ban is now closer than ever.
Australia just confirmed the ban on the 4th April, and the US are yet to confirm the ban.
This sucks for creators who have invested time and effort into building out their brands/businesses on TikTok. Let’s not let that all go to waste.

4. [Resource] Creator’s Guide to the TikTok Ban:

Here’s what you need to do to safeguard your content and maintain your audience connections:

1. Back up your content ASAP
Time is of the essence. Start backing up your TikTok videos by downloading and storing them in a safe location. Use cloud storage like iCloud/Google Drive to have your content accessible and organize your videos in a way that makes it easy to find and reuse them in the future.

2. Diversify your platform presence
You can not rely on any one platform. Expand your reach by posting your videos across multiple platforms like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts. This will not only protect your content from the ban but also help you reach new audiences.

3. Capture emails for direct communication
In the event of a ban, you need to stay connected with your audience. Start capturing email addresses by sharing a sign-up form through your channels. This way, you can communicate directly with them via newsletters and email campaigns.
The TikTok ban is a wake-up call for all creators to prioritize safeguarding their content and nurturing direct connections with their audience.
Part of the evolution of your creative business is to not only diversify platforms, but also forms of content/projects that keep your audience engaged.
Consider this as part of your business growth strategy.


Qudoze to @marisa


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