Helpful Hacks Newsletter #3

Helpful Hacks Newsletter #3

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Apr 21, 2023

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1. [TOOL (to avoid)] I tried Microsoft Designer so you don’t have to:

There’s hype around AI being integrated into many tools.
I tried out the new alternative to Canva that has a WAITLIST for access. It’s mostly a marketing approach to not only control the number of users but to create hype around it – but I tried it so that you won’t need to. Watch the video of how unimpressive the AI output is:

2. [TUTORIAL] – Quit the Login/out Nonsense

Say bye to logging in and out all the time. How many times have you had the ‘Access Denied’ issue just because you were logged into the wrong Gmail account? OR you’ve saved your password – but it’s not showing up in Autofill? It’s because you have different emails you use.

It’s one of my biggest pet peeves & I avoid it by using this simple hack: Chrome Profiles.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. So in the Chrome browser > top right hand corner: There’s a circle
  2. Click on that and sign in with your Gmail for Work AND Gmail for personal. (Keep it separate).
  3. When you login select ‘Sync On’.
  4. Now you have 2 ‘Profiles’ to switch between!

Now you never have to Log in and Log out. You can simply switch if you want the right access!

3. [UPDATE] – Are you Subscribing on Instagram?

‘Subscribing’ has been a free Call-To-Action on YouTube Channels and Email Newsletters but now, they’ve added it to Instagram. But it’s different – it’s for GATED content, meaning content you can only access by paying.
There’s a LOW  level of commitment when we ‘follow’ someone. It really means: “I’m interested in what you have to share for now, and maybe I might see it.”
When we give our Email address to Sign-Up to someone’s list, that means: “You have something useful for me and I’m expecting more.”
We’ve complained about ads. We’ve complained about the algorithm of our feeds. So would you pay for exclusive content?

4. [RESOURCE] – Shopify’s ‘Ultimate guide to Instagram for Business.

Shopify released a 55 minute long video on YouTube:

In the video, learn how to optimize your brand’s presence on Instagram by mastering the platform’s features and algorithm, creating engaging content, and leveraging Instagram Shopping to drive sales.

Even though you are able to purchase a blue tick now to get verified on the platform, Shopify have a great guide on how to go about getting it without purchasing here:

Not using Shopify yet? Get it here:


Qudoze to: @hellostorytale
I’ve loved her work, she shares valuable carousels with really simple yet engaging copy.


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