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Apr 25, 2023

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1. [UPDATE] Got some Playa Magic 🌴

It was a busy week and time flew. I have to say, I’m even impressed with how much I was able to get done..

But 100% kudos to my business systems & my amazing team who support me in making all this happen.

  • I packed & found 38 of my written journals, an air purifier, a rubix cube + so much more.
  • I crashed a fancy steakhouse dinner & connected with a group of extraordinary women.
  • The next day I had a photoshoot for content with Elaine, a fellow agency owner.
  • We even went to Merida (4 hrs away) to visit Kelly, the boss babe I hosted a mastermind with in 2021.
  • After a co-working session, we did a sunset bus tour of the amazing architecture there too
  • Back in Playa I accidentally visited some potential investment properties (this was not planned. I’m manifesting that beachside condo.)
  • I taught ‘How to Scale your Business Remotely’ LIVE! at an event I forgot I had started.

But you know what was my favorite part of this trip? 3 things:

  1. When my team signed our 1st Funnel Optimization Client!
    (My account manager Sophie spoke to Kristen who applied & qualified as a perfect fit. This is the first time we’ve opened up our services this way so I am super stoked to dive into her funnel this week! YAY)
  2. Just logging into Clickup while running around & feeling at ease that my business was operating even if I was busy.
  3. Connecting with my friends again, connecting with those who came to the workshop. This has sparked inspiration and I want to create more for them.

2. [TOOL] Pictory, AI generated video edits.

I tried Pictory before the AI craze. Honestly I was unimpressed much like Designer, but the latest updates claim to do more so let’s give it another chance.

Pictory is a video creation tool that helps you create short branded content from your long form videos & can also generate from scripts OR existing YT video links.

Some positives:
Not many tools allow these various formats. It’s easy to use due to the drag-and-drop interface with customizable templates.
They have a very wide range of templates, images, fonts etc. to be used
Has analytics features to track engagement
Can customize your content with your own branding

Give it a try for yourself here:

3. [UPDATE] – Lemon8 (New TikTok Alternative)

After the increasing concerns & bannings of TikTok, Bytedance (the company behind TikTok) has released their new app Lemon8.

The app is being described as if Instagram, Amazon & Pinterest had a baby, but to me it just has ‘Copy From China’ all over.

It seems like that the likability of TikTok wins it from the privacy concerns. Lesser known (& more privacy focused platforms) are not gaining that much more interest. Seems the people have spoken.

PS. If you can’t find it in your app store, It’s only available in the US & UK AppleID location (not based on where you are but where your App Store location is)


Real guide to reclaiming 40 hours of your week by @benmeer

QUDOZE TO: @benmeer

9 simple ways to reclaim time :

  1. Don’t spend time on picking your clothes (go full Steve Jobs or get a ‘Capsule Wardrobe’)
  2. Save time on meal prepping
  3. Work without distractions
  4. Keep meetings short
  5. Cancel Netflix
  6. Cut out sensationalized news + batch your news intake
  7. Personal Inventory Management: Subscribe / order on a monthly basis
  8. Outsource home cleaning & laundry tasks (buying back time brings happiness)
  9. Make ‘no’ your default, instead of always saying yes
1. In case you missed last week’s Helpful Hacks, you can access that HERE
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