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May 18, 2023

We help traveling Creative CEO’s with Online Business Optimization. Helping them reclaim time to create more (time, money, freedom)

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Scale Your Business Remotely! REPLAY LINK:
I talk about insights and strategies for taking your business to the next level, no matter where you are in the world, and covered these key topics:
  • How to leverage technology and automation to streamline your workflow and maximize efficiency
  • Tips for managing a remote team and building a strong company culture
  • Strategies for staying motivated, focused, and productive when working remotely
  • How to scale your business without sacrificing your freedom and flexibility


Although we did a quick Q&A at the end, we didn’t get to these questions that maybe  helpful to you:
1. What platforms do you use to onboard new clients?
As much as we discussed ensuring you have the right team, there needs to be a system to validate your potential clients. Filtering and having a form to capture leads allows for you (even while you are offline). I integrate most applications into ClickUp. Otherwise, Google Forms is also great.
2. How do you use ChatGPT properly?
Part of the answer can actually be found in the HH#2:  ( BUT I’m also working on another workshop that will detail this – let me know what else you’d be interested in learning here!

2. [TOOL] Switchy – URL Shortener

In life, but especially in business, there are certain links we use over & over again. Personal pet peeve is not having them on hand. Instead of wasting time finding it when you need it, use text replacements & URL Shorteners!
You can use tools like Switchy to create a simplified version of longer links while maintaining your domain name. Add some keywords to the URL to make it easy to remember.
So even though I use Zoom & TidyCall for my team to have discover calls, instead of a long website URL, we’ve simplified it:
On top of the easy URL I use ‘Text Replacement’ too – I type the keyword phrase: ‘JAbook’ & it will auto-type that entire URL out for me.
This is also a great hack for your email address, web links, address, and commonly used descriptions. Don’t waste time or risk mistakes doing it manually.


Instagram seems to be all about change in 2023 – here are some things that have changed recently:
  1. Schedule your posts – you can now schedule posts & reels from within the app. Automate your feed & reclaim your time!
  2. Delete a photo from your carousel – if you post a carousel & decide you don’t want an image in there, it’s as simple as editing the post & deleting that image. The rest of your carousel is unaffected.NB helpful hack: If you want to change the first image of your carousel but not lose the image from the grouping, delete it, go to recently deleted posts & restore it – it’ll be re-added to the end.
  3. Instagram badges for creators – Instagram has now monetized content creation on the platform. Eligible users can add ‘badges’ to their LIVE’s bought by followers who want to support them.
  4. Collaboration – share posts and reels between brands & creators, creators & creators, or brands & brands. Invite another account to ‘collaborate’ on a post and it will be visible on both feeds.
  5. Public photo threads – the new “add yours” story stickers encouraging other users to reply with their own photo that relates to the stickers’ question or trend.


QUDOZE TO: corinnewallingtonsocial

Not all of Instagram’s updates are bad…
Multiple links in your bio means:
  • A better user experience
  • Being able to link to your website & another platform without having a 3rd party app
  • Having space for 2 offers at the same time – link a webinar sign-up & product discount
Just go to ‘Edit Profile’, click ‘Links’, give each link a title & then order them in a way that makes sense to you. Happy linking!
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