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Aug 22, 2023

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1. [TOOL] – Prod

Recently, I’ve spoken a lot about productivity – how to work less, while achieving more. 

Now, there are HUNDREDS of ‘productivity’ tools out there which promise to help you, but actually end up being distracting – I’m sure you’ve encountered a few. But there is one I trust…

For the last few years I’ve used the Google extension, ‘Prod’. It’s a simple, yet effective, tool that helps me to stay on track & get things done. 

When activated, it blocks time-wasting sites to help you stay on track. Each new tab in Chrome opens to a custom Prod home page with  space to add tasks for today, tomorrow & your calendar. Once your tasks for the day are complete, it’ll release the block. Simple, right?

One thing it’s really helped me with is actually not setting unrealistic productivity tasks. It’s SO easy to overestimate the time you have & pile on the tasks you’re so sure you’ll get to in the day but never do. This is also a great start to figuring out where you’re spending your time & what to start automating or outsourcing. 

Try it out for yourself – 

2. [RESOURCE] – UNTAPPED By Briony Mckenzie & Dalaney Davis

Enjoy a FREE workshop outlining: How To Scale Your 6-Figure Business to 7-Figures Without Burning Out

This is for you if you’ve been putting in the time, the effort, and still feel like your growth has plateaued. Instead of continuing in the same way & hoping things will eventually start to turn up, take a leaf out of Albert Einstein’s book when he said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. 

As someone who has experienced burnout, it’s very real. Since experiencing that, I’ve worked to make sure I have various systems, processes, and support to ensure it doesn’t happen again! 

Briony & Dalaney will share their tried & tested A3 Method of Align, Amplify, Accelerate. From this workshop, you’ll:

  • Gain some clarity on the path forward
  • Get insights on where you’ve been limiting your expansion
  • Know what to focus on to move the needle 
  • A roadmap to scale to 6 figures without burning out

Click the link, try the masterclass, & see if a new method breaks you from your rut![]

Qudoze to Creator:

Sasha: Creator, Traveller, Yoga instructor tackling Iron Man for the Wilderness Foundation

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