How I Balance Being Present Traveling While Running My Business

How I Balance Being Present Traveling While Running My Business

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Feb 23, 2023

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Hi,June here

Since I have been doing it for 8 years, I know what a challenge it can be to run your business while traveling and being present doing so. Travel expands your mind, brings you new experiences & working from another (beautiful) setting from time to time will reassure you’ll never get in a rut. But it also brings a lot of challenges & it is hard to stay present and balanced. Since I’ve been working on the perfect equilibrium for years,

Here are a few of the things that help me balance being present traveling while running my business.

1. Plan Ahead

Yes I know, traveling is all about exploring the unknown and how better to do so than to endorse spontaneity? Well when you have a business to run, this changes. Nowadays you can easily work from coworking spaces & cafés scattered around the world, but make sure you make your plan before hopping on the plane. Ensure you will have an actual set up to work (wifi, extra screen, whatever you need), a place to stay & an expat community to network your business to the next level. Also, take into account time zones, cost of living. And actual travel must sees while you make your plan to travel & work abroad. If you secure your needs ahead, you will have more peace of mind and it will be a lot less stressful to balance being present traveling while running your business.

Not sure whether your next destination is a good fit? Check to find out which locations fulfill your working abroad needs. 

2. Use Technology

Technology is your best friend when you want to be present traveling & make the most out of your business. Project Management Tools (such as Click Up) can help you to manage your team/business from anywhere (on your phone) & will even keep things running while you’re offline. With the assurance that your business is running, it becomes easier to balance being present traveling. 

Also very useful to have shared notes (Iphone) with your team/clients so that you can always put in to-do’s that pop up while on the road & to use a scheduling tool to make sure your socials are running while you are traveling.

3. Set Boundaries

Plan your time for play & stick to it. Block your calendar for play/travel time so you can be truly present traveling. It is very easy to get lost in small ad hoc things to do for your business, but then you are missing out on adventures and beautiful destinations. To not experience any type of FOMO (or truly missing experiences by being not present), start to set clear boundaries towards your team & clients and confirm your ‘free’ time. Blocking your time for play and travel will make it easier to balance being present traveling while running your business. 

4. Organize

It doesn’t seem like the most adventurous solution, but getting really organized is key to balance being present traveling while running your business. 

If you plan ahead, use tools & plan your free time. It is much easier to really take your mind off and be present. Since you have organized everything beforehand – so you no need to worry while you are having time for play. You are not the most organized type? Get some help! Hire a VA or a team to make sure your calendar is managed & you are not missing any important updates and emails while you are traveling.

Check out whether my Qudoze Team can help you organize & be truly present traveling while you are running a business! 

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