How to Create a Big Online Presence for your Personal Brand

How to Create a Big Online Presence for your Personal Brand

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Oct 19, 2021

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Hi,June here

When it comes to your business, everyone understands the value of effective branding—but what about developing a personal brand that is linked with you as an individual? Personal branding is a powerful tool that, when used correctly, may be your most important asset. It is the process of influencing how the public perceives you as a ROCKSTAR human being. 

Building your online presence, developing a picture of yourself for the outside world, and promoting yourself as an individual are all part of your brand. Your personal brand is essentially the story that is told about you while you are not looking – and listening.

 And how are you going to make it as a rockstar?


Your brand should help you figure out who you are and what you stand for. Your target audience can learn about your interests, understand what motivates you, and can even learn some hints on what you want in the future.

“Without a vision, the people perish,” according to Hebrew wisdom. “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else,” is an idea that is sometimes parsed. So set a clearer vision.

 Where should you have headed with your branding by the way? Maybe try to consider these points:

  • You want to optimize your online presence
  • You want to be present, with the people you love knowing that the business runs perfectly fine
  • Live a life of your passion
  • Be confident
  • Be your own artist
  • Collaborate with creatives
  • Handles an efficient team

You want to eagerly say YES to everything, but try to remember that all of these things can be accomplished with a solid strategy and a healthy dose of self-trust.


Having various social media accounts, channels, and multimedia platforms can boost your online presence that can lead to a better collaboration with other creatives, artists, and promoters. 

Digital platforms can build authenticity that can foster a sense of security. As a result, your business will gain marketing trust. 

What better way to be authentic than making sure you are across multiple platforms! Sure, pick one to focus on and be prominent depending on your target audience.


Start with the question, “Does this content pique people’s interest and urge them to want more?” To answer this, you need these tips:

  • Let your passion shines through – and feel it
  • Make it visually appealing. No – make it MORE visually appealing
  • Write for your target audience
  •  Put Call-To-Action
  •  If possible, make a series, like your favorite Grey’s Anatomy but in a book format
  •  Travel – a change of scenery can inspire you
  •   Be mindful, be inspired, re-create



Once you establish a perfect online presence by having your own Website, Instagram, Facebook, and E-mail, the complete integration is necessary to experience the power that these four may bring. If you’re persistent with creating material and assets for these platforms, you’ll almost certainly gain an organic following if you play your cards well.

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You are eager to make your first move towards success, so you are ready to do everything that is beneficial to your dream. You will start off with enthusiasm, fire up a little faith in your capability, and gain a few hustle hacks along the way. But you may want to try things which will cater to your specific needs at the moment, like following these steps:


Guided by these tips, you are surely aware of the power you have in your business. You are absolutely certain that things will work out the way you want them to be for as long as you try to keep those shoelaces tied, bring the footprint forward, and let your passion take you to the freedom you so desperately desire. And surely, those footprints will leave their marks, creating your own POWER MAP.

Now GET ready. 

Log-in and START.

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