How to make the most out of A single piece of content – REPURPOSE

How to make the most out of A single piece of content - REPURPOSE

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Mar 5, 2021

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Repurposing your contentI’ve been writing blogs and posting on my socials over the past years and to tell you the truth, sometimes coming up with good content can be so exhausting.

I’m not trying to scare – don’t be. I want to share with you my experience and realization so you can do this better.

One of my processes is doing an audit on my own digital assets once in a while to check-in. Then I realize that there is some good content that I haven’t got a chance to put in the spotlight more to maximize its full potential.

That’s how I started to think about REPURPOSING them to make a whole new content in the same line of topic and I encourage you to do this too.

Here’s why you need to repurpose contents

repurpose contents

  • Consistency

Well think about it, instead of having a bunch of content with different topics, you can start focusing on content that is most relevant to you. You will be more consistent with your content and at the same time, your audience will have a deeper understanding of the topic you are covering.

  • Reach new audience

Repurposing your content also helps in reaching a new audience as it allows you to publish it in different mediums. For instance, if you post it on Instagram means you are sharing it with a single group of people – which is people on Instagram only. Repurposing your content will let you distribute it not just in one platform but also in different platforms available and where your audiences are.

  • Strengthen your message

According to Marketing Rule of 7, a customer needs to hear your message 7 times to make it sink in your customer’s mind. So the more you talk about the same topics, 7x to be exact, the more your customer will understand its importance and what action they need to take.

  • Reclaim your time

Since you are repurposing your existing content, you just need less time in research and content curation. You can start planning your content then use tools to automate its publishing.

  • Establish authority

People tend to trust someone who can be seen in different places talking about the same topic and they are often referred to as ‘experts’ in the field if they are seen on places like google search results or different social media sites.

Criteria of content to be repurposed

  • Find content that deserves to be repurposed. It should be evergreen so it will always be relevant and will guarantee results.

  • Review all your posts, check their analytics and find the most popular one. If they get feedback, make sure to take note of them then use it when you repurpose the content.

Here are the ways to repurpose your content

  • Create a Blog post or article

  • Create a Presentation

  • Infographic

  • Repost and repromote in social media

  • Turn your blog into Instagram Reels

  • Send an email series

  • Create an Ebook

  • Make a Video series

  • Guest post

  • Podcast

  • Create and launch a Course

  • Webinar

Repurposing your content should come with an optimized presence to get the expected results such as gaining more customers and established authority.

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For more tips, social media hacks, branding and presence optimization strategies, you may check out my Instagram at @presenceoptimization.



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