How to Manipulate the New and Improving Algorithm of Pinterest

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Apr 22, 2019

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Hi,June here

The not as much important Introduction:

As time moves on, things change. That also includes Pinterest’s Algorithm! There have been a few adjustments here and there. However, that won’t stop us from doing our best.

So what do I mean by manipulate? Truth be told, manipulating just means, at least for this article, knowing the right things to do. Basically, I will be proving you some rapid fire knowledge to help you.

Now then, let’s get started!

What you’re looking for:

1) The First Five Pins

–  So basically, the first five pins you save for the day will be pinterest’s main priority to distribute. This is to not overflow Pinterest with pins from the same one or two person each day. If this is the case, then your main priority now will also be those first five pins. Make sure to put quality on those!


2) Be consistent in pinning

– Pinterest wants consistency! So if the amount of pins for each day vary differently, pinterest won’t like that. Be sure to have a consistent amount of pins from now on But do the number of pins a day matter? Not so much. So pin to your heart’s content! (But of course on a consistent basis)


3) After the first Five pins

– If the first five pins are the ones being prioritized, what about the 6th, 7th, or nth pins? Don’t fret! They may not be prioritized as much. However, they still count. Just provide quality and all will be good.


4) Why quality matters more now

– Getting back in quality, as you may know, is very important. This is because Pinterest now monitors how much engagement you get each pin. So let’s say only a few of your followers engage with your pin, it’s likely for that pin to get buried under the news.


5) Group Boards: The wrong way

– As you may know, Group Boards have basically become a spamming pit. Pinterest said that, that was not their intention. So Group Boards now will not be prioritized. So if you use Group Boards for your own distribution, stop it. Now!


6) Group Boards: The right way

– Instead of using Group Boards for distribution, use it for collaboration. Join or create group boards that have similar content. That way, you can help each other as fellow content creators.


7) Go make yourself a business account

–  It looks more professional that way don’t you agree? Not as much will take you seriously if you’re not using a business account. You also be able to access business features which can help you a ton!


8) Limit your keywords!

– Pinterest will know if there’s too much keywords. So that’s a no no. That’s a sure way of not being seen in feeds. Just use a few keywords that will work with your pins. Pinterest and followers alike will appreciate they way more


9) #Hashtags

– Use hashtags only when your pins are new fresh and new. They won’t work in old pins. Also, just use hashtags when they’re relevant in your pin.


10) Size Matters! (In Pinterest)

– Ladies and Gentlemen, size does matter! After all, Pinterest doesn’t want pins to be too big. They may have performed great in the past but now, that’s long gone! The recommended size of pins now are, at least not more than 2:3. Those huge pins will be made much difficult to pass by.

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