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Nov 18, 2021

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This is one for the Creators

Does it ever occur to you how your life would be when you turn your passion into a consistent income? 

How does it feel when you get to enjoy your freedom while consistently getting along with cash deposited in your bank account?

This passive income feeling is one everyone should feel. 

Diversifying income to get paid for your Creative passions should be a must. 

Here’s how to start forming your Ideal Creative Business: 

  • Follow your passion.

     You’ll have a much higher chance of making a sale if you sincerely believe in what you’re doing. 

  • Discover your audience’s pain point.

    There is always someone who feels connected to the problems that you are able to solve.

  • You should be purpose-driven.

    Clarity is there, but what is clarity if you will not put it into action. Be mindful of your goal and get on with it.

Ideal Creative Business

To succeed, any business should continually come up with unique ideas, from coming up with the right name to figuring out how to outsmart the competitors. 

Coming up with something innovative may help you conquer a difficult challenge, separate your brand from your others.

This might be difficult to figure out while all you want to do is simply create more right? 

Well I’ve created something to help you form your Ideal creative business.

Business Planning for Creators

In the 2nd step of my new masterclass – Business Planning for Creators. I guide you through a mind mapping exercise to really build out this ideal creative business idea of yours. 

This is designed to support you realize what you truly want to be spending time on, and where you see your time and efforts being placed in your journey to making money from your creative passions. 

We not only go through this: 

  • Identify challenges and collect ideas
  • Validate your ideas and make sure that they are applicable in your creative niche
  • Implement your ideas

But we also take you through 7 steps to recognize how to develop your personal brand as a creator and how to shift into getting paid for your creative work! This was designed specifically for creators so I hope that is useful to you 🙂 

You can check out more info on the Business Planning for Creators  here  

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