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Dec 23, 2020

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The heated battle between Instagram Reels & Tiktok continues…

Tiktok is still slaying with 100 million monthly active users. The platform has so many features that every user and brand loves, especially the challenges.

One of the most favorite core features on Tiktok is the “Duet” wherein it allows users to have a side-by-side video with another user’s post as long as this feature is turned on. This is commonly used to react in a dance challenge or singing a duet song.

You can see in the post setting if a video can be ‘duetted’ – is that the right term? Haha! Just click the three dots under the comment icon in the video.




Then select the ‘Duet’ icon. Your Screen will split into two: Left with you camera & Right with the video you want to Duet.




Few days left ‘till the end of 2020, it seems that Instagram is not yet done surprising us with new features.

According to Matt Navarra, Social Media Industry Commentator, Instagram is now actively testing its ‘Remix’ feature for Reels.

Instagram ‘Remix’ feature allows users to create a side-by-side music video. There would be a download option that allows other creators to “Remix” their video.

As shown in the screenshot on Matt’s tweet, this can be disabled anytime in the Setting of the Reels.

And this feature is still under the testing phase so not everyone can use this yet.

The Remix feature will surely add more fun in creating Reels and a good reference is how successful the Tiktok’s Duet is. lol

Brands also wish to have music on Reels. As of writing, this feature is not yet available for most business accounts due to music “copyright.”

And that is the biggest advantage of Tiktok so far.

Meanwhile, another feature was introduced to us early this year. It is called “Guide” which is initially available to all health & wellness accounts only to easily spread information about the pandemic. But this December, Instagram announced that the Guide feature is now available to all accounts. If you haven’t used this yet, here’s what you need to know and How to create Instagram Guide.



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