iOS 14 Limits and how it will affect your Facebook Ads

iOS 14 Limits and how it will affect your Facebook Ads

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Jan 28, 2021

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As Apple announced the new iOS 14 Update, the internet received mixed emotions from its users and brands.

While Apple users enjoyed the new features of iOS 14 (including me), many advertisers and brands such as Facebook (and even me…again haha) are apprehensive in one of its features that prohibits a certain data collection and sharing unless the user opts in to allow it.

Not because we need to steal your information. No, it’s just about being able to reach our target markets specifically without spending large amounts of ad spend to provide useful/relevant ads.

The update that everyone is talking about involves the “AppTrackingTransparency” (ATT) framework that prompts users on whether they will allow apps to track their personal usage. The data collected are often used by apps and advertisers to optimize their advertising and user experience using tools like pixel and analytics.

Here’s the list of how this new update will affect your Facebook Ads:

  • Retargeting – Since collecting data will be limited, retargeting your audience is not easy as you will not have enough data in your pixel to use. The size of your app connections, app activity Custom Audiences, and website Custom Audiences may decrease.

  • Even organic marketing on Facebook is also affected by this update since information on newsfeed relies on signals it received from users’ activities such as the website they visited, the app they used, posts they engaged, groups or discussions they joined, and pages they visited.

  • Facebook also confirmed that there will be limitations on the report due to the strict collection of data. There are also delays in reporting since real-time reporting is no longer supported which makes it up to 3 days. App install campaign report is now based on the time it’s reported on Facebook by SKAdNetwork API and not the time it occurred.

iOS 14 has an impact not just on Facebook but also Tiktok, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google, Amazon, and all apps that rely on users’ data collection.

As of the moment, there are no concrete details on how much this will affect user experience and advertisers since they are still under observation whether how many users will allow the tracking opt-in and how users will react to it eventually.

This tracking update not just impacted apps, brands, and advertisers but also users that rely on optimized content and suggestions based on their interest and usage.

We will have to observe the changes over the next few months to see what will happen?

Who is happy about this Privacy update? Let’s talk about it on my Instagram at @presenceoptimization.



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