New Facebook Page Update to start your year!

New Facebook Page Update to start your year!

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Jan 10, 2021

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Facebook updated features mostly on Instagram last year but at the beginning of this year 2021, Facebook continues to keep us on our toes.

They just announced and started rolling out the new update on Facebook Page that will make it more efficient for creators, brands, and public figures to navigate it.


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Without further ado, here are the Facebook Page new key features and major updates:

Page layout redesigned

The redesigned layout of the Page will let the users have a simpler experience that allows them to easily navigate between their personal profile to their public page. This new layout also makes it more simple for people who will visit your page to see your bio, posts, and other important information.

Dedicated Newsfeed

Another major change is having its dedicated news feed that will let the page can easily discover and join the conversation. The page is now allowed to follow trends, interact with peers, and see suggested relevant connections like other public figures, trending contents, groups, and pages. Having a connection will fill your news feed with content coming from those you followed – just like how a personal profile works.

Monetization & Advertising

You can now use tools to help you monetize your content as well as manage ad campaigns using your new Page and Ads Manager. Learn more about Facebook Ads here.

Page Role Controls

You can give full access or partial access to your team member based on their role. If you are a company that has a team managing your account, this feature is perfect for you as you can now assign what they can only access inside your page. However, you can only choose between giving ‘full-access’ and ‘partial access.’

Actionable insights

The most important part of your page is the insight, which is now updated to help you understand your audience and the performance of your content even more.

Safety and integrity features

Poser or impersonator is the common issue encountered by a public figure but with the new update, spammy and fake accounts can now be detected easily. According to Facebook, they are improving the visibility of their verified blue badge to identify activities that are not allowed on the platform such as hate speech, violence, sexual or spammy contents, and impersonation. Those who have the verified badge will appear first or higher in the comment section.

New Q&A format

The new format of hosting a Q&A will allow you to have it text-based. Q&A feature lets your followers ask you a question while your answer becomes a stack of questions that your followers can swipe through.

However, having these updates also means removing a major feature when you move from the ‘classic page’ to the ‘new page.’

Page is now focused on Followers

Followers are now your primary metric being tracked in your insights and its number will be displayed publicly on your page which also means they remove the ‘Page like.’


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So when you transition from your classic page to a new page, those who just ‘liked’ the page will not be included on your new page.

Just a note, these changes have not rolled out to all pages yet. It will be rolled out slowly.
How do you feel about these new updates? Let’s talk about it on my Instagram at @presenceoptimization.



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