Presence Optimization Kit: How To Define Your Content Pillars

Presence Optimization Kit: How To Define Your Content Pillars

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Oct 22, 2021

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Content Pillars

Defining Your Content Pillars

With everything happening around social media nowadays, it’s only natural to be overwhelmed by the plethora of content you can have at your disposal. Analysis paralysis gets the best of you – leading to creative block and inconsistency. Not only this, but the quality of what you produce might take a hit as well.

To save yourself from the headache of worrying too much, you should first define your content pillars.

When establishing your brand, you should always consider “who” and “why”.
Who you’re trying to target and why you’re creating content in the first place.

By now, you’re already aware of my fondness for consistency. You need to organize your content pillars to ensure that you’re giving what your target audience needs and they can relate to each and every post you publish.

Content pillars are the categories in which you create your content. It’s basically a subset of topics (or themes) which make up the foundation of your overall content strategy. They can consist of different types of content, but it should really be about the style and the tone of what you will be sharing on your profile.

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Here are some key benefits of coming up with specific content pillars for your brand:

  • Being Organized – Instead of creating content on-the-fly, planning content ahead helps you create a calendar that covers the necessary topics for your brand.
  • Targeting – Having defined pillars serves as a guide for curating specific content for specific people. It helps you narrow down your content to keep it relevant to your audience.
  • Content Ideas – Having content pillars will help you hone relevant topics for your brand. You’ll never run out of ideas since you’re following your pillars that are best for your brand and fit your audience..

How to define your Content Pillars:

  1. Identify at least 2 to 3 styles that are completely in line with your brand persona. This can be your archetype, or your niche.
  2. Consider your branding to keep your content recognizable whatever your pillars are.
  3. Write down your audience personas (interest, behavior, where you can find them)
  4. Repurpose and retarget your brand’s content. You can do so by monitoring the performance of each post you are publishing. You can then identify the top performing content and reuse it to curate similar concepts.
  5. If you have various content pillars, you may organize your audience through the use of hashtags.
  6. Plan out your content calendar to make sure you’re consistent and posting regularly.


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