The best resources are ones that help you delegate & find your strengths

Analyse, Plan, Do

Business optimization starts with analysing your current strategy, data, and customer funnel.

- Analyse: We start with understanding your existing business setup, traffic, and customer funnel. We make sure all the tech integration is correct.
- Plan: Next, we use all the information we have to map strategies and systems that optimise your business and time.
- Do: Implementation. We put all the integrations, systems and optimizations in place so you can experience the magic of business optimization.

Following this framework does more than make room for massive growth. It builds systems in your business around what you love to do and what you need in order to thrive.

Maybe you want more time in life, so you want to set up a product or course that can scale your business on autopilot.

We know how the saying goes: happy W.I.F.E. leads to a happy life!

The first step of designing a business around your strengths is connecting your W.I.F.E: Website, Instagram, Facebook, Email. Integrating these four aspects with each other keeps your business at the top of your ideal customer’s mind, leads prospects from your website to your email list, and helps customers know how to buy from you.

The Process 

the must setup

- Google Analytics
- Facebook Pixel
- Facebook and Instagram Integration
- Website SEO
- Tag Manager
- ClickUp

Imagine life with your online presence optimized.


Pull yourself out of the tedious tasks that take up too much of your time or drain your energy with a 1:1 Power Session.

This will be dedicated, 1:1 time where we implement Analyse, Plan, Do in one day.

Analyse where your current business is.
Plan around the tasks that give you energy.
Do the improvements for your business and ensure your tech integration is working for you.

After the Power Session, you’ll feel like a weight has lifted off your shoulders, giving you the time and energy to create and ideate.

Power Sessions

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Top Tools

Use all the free tools at your disposal, but remember that oftentimes, it’ll take you longer to learn something than the time & money it costs to hire someone.

It’s possible to focus your energy only on jobs that need you. When you hire someone to get things done, you can level up instead of feeling overwhelmed wearing all the hats in your business.

top resources I use to save time & manage my life & business.

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Working Together?

Reclaim time in your creative freedom by building better strategies & systems to grow your business while you create.

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project managment tool

Stay on top of all your projects, tasks, content all in one place. Great for managing Teams of people. 


Email marketing automations so powerful that you can just let this do the work. Get 50% off Flodesk

online graphics editor

Great collaborative tool for the whole team to edit the same graphics + a huge template library to choose from. You can also load in your branding on the business Plans


Best option for payment through website if not using Stripe/Shopify. 
This integrates with Affiliate payments easily too

Must-Use Tools 2022

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ClickUp is a free online project management tool to plan your life and business. It’s an all-in-one organization app to manage people, projects, and everything in-between. When we work together, I’ll help you customize ClickUp to be your go-to hub for everything in life and business. It offers endless possibilities and integrations, including all of the features from competitors like Asana, Trello, Airtable, and Notion combined.


Project management tool

automation for social media

Creator Studio

Creator Studio by Facebook brings everything you need to manage your Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts--without spending a dime. As your Online Business Optimizer, I’ll help you set up Creator Studio and build a workflow that saves you time while growing your online following.

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