- Chelsea Kauai 

"When I say June created probably the biggest change in my business since I started it, I am not overemphasizing that. She just has such a good mind for systems and for creating efficiencies in a business.

She’s come in in a really intuitive, understanding way. She has taken into account how I work as a creative, and in her magical June way created systems for myself and for her so that things could just be taken care of and be done."

Clients Say:

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Creator Support 

Areas of Support:

Interested in optimizing your Creative business? 
This is a Done-With you service where our team help you reclaim your time to focus on CREATING.

This is suitable if you: 
* You are a Creator with an audience
* Haven't figured out how to monetize & scale
* You want to feel less overwhelmed and supported
* Want to create more time, money, freedom.
* Ready to be supported by a team.

creative business strategy

better workflows & systems

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brand partnerships & deals

marketing campaigns execution

+ More

You have the vision, the drive, and the opportunities, but no time to take advantage of it. 

So, how do you grow & expand your brand when you’re at capacity?

Do you feel that even though there are 24 hours in a day, you don’t have enough time?

Perhaps you’re worried about the next step - you’ve taken your business to its current ceiling, but what now?

Or maybe you feel a little lost when it comes to strategy and organization?

The Problem

Reclaiming time through an efficient, streamlined business means I can make a deeper impact while still enjoying the present.

Whether I’m surrounded by my community of creatives in Mexico, enjoying in-person deep work sessions with my clients, or travelling the world, I value making the most out of every moment.

Work is not the only thing that matters to me. I found it’s possible to scale my business and enjoy life.

Our Creator Support service

Designed to support your online business to help you reclaim time for creativity. 
Feel supported by a full service team that have been pre-vetted, managed & hired who have worked with ONLY creators. 

This service is for creative CEO's like you who are eager to...
- Level up your online presence while freeing up your time
- Increase sales, leads, and conversations without piling on more work
- Build an automated business strategy that does the heavy lifting while you sleep
- Publish all that edited content that’s been sitting in your hard drive for months on end
- Convert your audience into paying clients with a conversions-focused strategy

Retainers start from $3K+ monthly, 4 months min

Qudoze Team

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"The best days of your life can’t happen without you there. Live with presence. Live intentionally."

- yung pueblo

What to expect: 

- Kick off by analyzing your current business, identify opportunities, get aligned on goals.
- Set a 3 month strategy to move forward with & areas to focus on to create more freedom within
- Usually that involves adding in systems to optimize your own workflow & enable you with the best tools
- Have integrated platforms across multiple channels
- Have a clear funnel & way moving forward to generate more conversions
- All strategy is tailored to integrate to your current work style & life needs
- Work together for minimum of 4 months.

Working Together

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Learn with Me!

designed to support your creative freedom & growth


Business Optimization Mastermind (BOM)


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I’ve spent 7 years searching for the best talent and mapping out processes so you can optimise, scale, and love your business. When we work together, you have access to my teams so you don’t have to spend time searching for, vetting, hiring and training others.

This is a completely done-for-you service so you can refocus your energy, reclaim your time, and thrive as the CEO of your life and business.

Join the waitlist so you can start saving time now.

We can make your life & business enjoyable.

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Created by nopixelfrom the Noun Project

“I never noticed the importance of having my funnel setup, I was just focused on creating my content. After the team created a site and connected my socials, turns out I’ve been building my email list all this time. Everything feels more cohesive & like I have a business that actually makes sales even when I’m not actively promoting any products”


(1.2m IG)

(805K YT , 650K TT)


(2m YT, 500K IG)

Working Together?

Reclaim time in your creative freedom by building better strategies & systems to grow your business while you create.

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