Reasons why you should optimize your online presence


The obvious one is to gain more visibility online, but what we forget is that we should let digital assets do the work

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Presence Optimization Kit: How to create a strong Instagram BIO

Instagram Marketing

Having a strong Instagram Bio is a definite must-have if you want to establish an immediate strong connection to your audience. It’s an area in which people can quickly have an idea of who you are, what you do, and what you can offer. Each second is precious, and with a strong Instagram Bio, you […]



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When we run a business, we all have on goal in mind. And that’s to make a ton of money. That’s the undeniable truth! We don’t start businesses in hope of breaking it even. What we want are profits. That’s the same thing with e-commerce. And of course, the same as advertising. In fact, that’s […]

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Instagram Stories! -Stories are intriguing. Even more with pictures! The right #Hashtags -Hashtags might be the difference in reaching your target audience or not. So know the right one! Research your audience -Of course, to know to post, you must know first who your audience are. Interact with your followers! -Being acknowledge makes anyone happy. […]

Created by nopixelfrom the Noun Project