Tips on how to create entertaining IG Reels

Tips on how to create entertaining IG Reels

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Oct 25, 2020

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In my previous blog, I gave you tips on How to Boost your Online Presence with IG Reels.

In this week’s blog, I’ll share with you some tips on how to create entertaining IG Reels with value to keep your audience stay tuned to your content.

Tip #1 Make a short catchy intro

Make at least 1-3 seconds catchy intro to keep your audience hooked to your Reels and to give them ideas on the topic of your video.




Tip #2 Framing

The next thing you have to consider when doing Reels is the framing – because the dimension of your video may get cut at the top and the bottom upon posting.

To avoid getting cut especially if you added important information on the cutted area, I suggest that you stick with a 4:5 ratio instead of 6:19.

That’s the safest video size for Reels.



Tip #3 Timing

If your Reels have texts (which I highly recommend), gif, emojis, and/or stickers – make sure it syncs the timing of your movement and music.



Before you start shooting reels, make an outline of your topics.

But…keep in mind my next tip

Tips #4 Add few yet valuable texts

As much as possible, make it one-liner per bullet point. Reels are only 15-second long – you don’t want your audience to get cut out while reading your copies.

I made the same mistake when I’m just starting and exploring Reels.



Until I realized that my audience might be missing some important parts of my videos.

What I did to solve this is to make an outline of the content and get a few keywords or lines that’s easy to understand.

And then elaborate it in the caption if needed.

Tip #5 Branding

Set a theme, font to use, colors, format, etc to make it unique and still within your branding.

It’s easy to recognize a brand or a person if the contents are unique.

Establish your own identity!

Tip #6 Save it in IG draft

When you record Reels, don’t forget to draft it on IG instead of saving it in your phone before posting because the music will be gone and it’s hard to match it afterward.

Tip #7 Keep in mind your campaign goal

We share content because it solves problems – it has value.

& adding entertainment makes it more extra special to the audience.

Always remember why you’re sharing a certain topic, how it will help your audience, and if it will leave an impact that will last long.

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