Why De-Influencing is 2023’s Newest Trend

Why De-Influencing is 2023's Newest Trend

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Mar 2, 2023

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Hi,June here

For the last few years social media has become such a substantial part of our daily lives. From starting your day on your phone, to scrolling before going to bed, we can’t seem to be getting enough of consuming online content. Therefore the role of influencers has grown immensely & we have all been a part of it : the rise of influencer culture. Recently we are seeing its counterpart happening: de-influencing. In this blog I will dive into what it exactly entails and why de-influencing is 2023’s newest trend. 

So What Is De-Influencing?

De-Influencing in the trend of influencers, influencing followers to think twice about purchasing things. It is a movement that encourages people to be more cautious with their buying habits. So instead of being influenced into buying things, influencers are starting to bring awareness to (unhealthy) customer behavior. 

Why Is De-Influencing Becoming So Popular?

There are several factors driving de-influencing as 2023 newest trend, so let’s look into the most significant ones:


The influencer industry has become extremely commercialized with the result that many influencers have lost their authenticity (towards their following). It is hard to distinguish whether recommendations are genuine or that the motive behind content is purely commercial. De-influencing gives influencers their authentic voice back + helps their followers to cut through the noise. And take a step back & look into their actual needs. There is a massive desire for authentic content and that is why de-influencing is becoming one of the newest, most popular, trends of 2023.


We all know that Marketing Experts have become stars in priming the public, just enough to make sure that the products are going to be sold. Influencer Marketing nowadays seems oversaturated and one might get overwhelmed by how many times products are being promoted by influencers. De-influencing reduces overpromotion and brings the consumer awareness around being primed to all these emotions. So that the follower/consumer can think about the purchase decision before getting ‘lured’ into this. 

Because many people are shifting towards reducing (over)stimulation, de-influencing is 2023’s newest trend.


In the last few years, our consumerism has been brought to light & people are becoming more aware of the current culture around purchasing & consuming. De-influencing is a reaction towards consumerism and bringing awareness to the fact that people should feel encouraged to keep purchasing and upgrading their products more. Influencers have the opportunity to make their followers more mindful of their consumer habits and help them avoid the trap of consumerism.

Because overconsumption and consumerism are such hot topics, de-influencing is becoming one of 2023’s newest, most popular, trends.

We are already loving this movement because de-influencing is such a great opportunity to keep it real. And to really bring value to your followers. People are becoming more aware of the negative impact of social media for mental health & by de-influencing the influence of social media is being reduced.   That makes this trend a winner for both influencers + the bigger public!

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