Why does every Creator need an Online Business Manager or OBM team?

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Aug 25, 2022

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Why does every Creator need an Online Business Manager or OBM team?

There comes a time in every creative business where you simply run out of time – you’re stuck at one point, with no space to grow, because how on earth can you take more on? How can you continue to pursue creativity and innovation when you’re bogged down with admin and planning, without any time for execution? Whew, that’s overwhelming! So maybe it’s time to enlist some help? That’s where an OBM team comes into play.

What is an OBM team?

OBM stands for Online Business Manager. The next question is bound to be, but what do they do? Put simply, an online business management team works with their client to free up time in whatever capacity is most useful. 

The team can create custom-built strategies to ensure maximum efficiency and decrease time spent doing ‘stuff’ while increasing creative freedom. But it’s not just about the strategies, the team can also manage projects from start to finish, undertake inbox management, create social media calendars, and so much more. What an OBM does, is greatly influenced by what will create the most freedom for their client. 

In short, the point is to have enough taken off the client’s plate, so they can step into their role of CEO, grow their business, strategise their next moves, and ultimately, allow them to do what they do best: create.

How is this different from a Virtual Assistant (VA)? By the scope of the project. While an OBM will oversee an entire project, a VA will be more task-oriented and complete a specifically assigned to-do list. Essentially, an OBM could manage a VA as part of the team.

Why Does A Creative Business Need An OBM Team?

Okay, so we’ve explained what they are and how they could help, but why do creative businesses need an OBM?

1. Greater Freedom To Create & Grow

One of the reasons creatives consider hiring an OBM is because they’re out of time. Their days are full and have no time to work ON their business instead of IN their business. The aim is to generate freedom and free up time for creativity. And not just for work purposes, but also for the sake of play and enjoyment. 

Less to do means more space, more time, and greater freedom of expression. 

2. Organization & Strategies

Some people are naturally efficient and effective at organization and strategy development, others don’t find it to be second nature. Both are perfectly okay! But the latter often finds that they need the former. 

Often OBM’s will be brought on to help clients who find it difficult to get and stay organized through the development of systems, strategies and standard operating procedures (SOP’s). For example, if someone finds it difficult to manage a project, or has loads of great ideas they lose track of, they might hire an OBM to streamline their processes and handle the day-to-day while they see the big picture.

3. Revenue Stream Management

An OBM isn’t just great for organization, but also when it comes to revenue stream management – especially in a business with multiple sources of income. From setting up the correct funnels and channels, to selecting the best tools and aiding in customer service, as well as everything in between.

If a client has an idea for new resources and tools for their audience, an OBM can help with the planning, execution, and ongoing management of what is developed.

4. Team Management 

While this may not be their core function, an OBM can also step in for team optimization and restructuring, if it’s needed. They’re also highly adept at curating job descriptions and carrying out the initial filtration process to ensure only suitable candidates are seen by the client.

5. Idea Generation & Creation

One of the main points of having an OBM is to allow more time for freedom, creativity, and play. The result of which is often new and exciting ideas. This is another great point for the OBM to step in to aid with brainstorming, concrete idea development and, eventually, execution. 

6. Experts in their field

As the saying goes “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”, and OBM’s know a lot of people! From the who’s who in various industries to tried and trusted service providers, they are optimally placed to find the perfect fit. 

An OBM team is also incredibly diverse with a broad skill set that enables them to be highly capable in a variety of areas, which is what enables them to take on almost anything. But it’s also the reason clients should never feel ashamed or incapable of doing it all themselves. It’s okay not to know everything or be proficient in all aspects of a business. In fact, it’s more productive, and a better use of resources, to hand it off to people who have the knowledge to take it on, and do it well. 

So, as a creative business owner, do you feel as though it may be time to bring on an OBM?

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