Why Monetizing Your Audience Is Not A Bad Thing

Why Monetizing Your Audience Is Not A Bad Thing

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Feb 14, 2023

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Hi,June here

There might be some negative vibes around ‘monetizing your audience’ especially for creators. ‘Monetization will make your content less authentic, and your passion and purpose will be turned into a commercial business’. Well, I couldn’t agree less. In this blog I am gonna walk you through why monetizing your audience is not a bad thing and how it can help your creator business grow sustainably. 

Getting Value for Your Work (& Time)

The first and foremost reason why monetizing your audience is a good thing, is because it will get you the well deserved ‘value’ for your work. You putting time, effort and resources in your content should pay off. By monetizing your audience you are literally saying that your work is worth paying for & that you bring true value to your audience. It will also help to keep the money train running, so you can keep creating content without having to worry about running out of resources. 

Consistently Supporting Your Audience

Like I just expounded: monetizing your audience means being able to keep the content motor running. By being able to provide consistent content to your audience you support them by providing value continuously. So when cash flow coming in equals content coming out, we have a happy creator and a happy audience. A win-win as I would say. Just make sure you focus your resources on sustaining your business and its growth and not just on supporting your audience.

Building a Community

Monetizing your audience can make your community stronger. How? Creating content will already build a relationship with your followers. Having to pay for this will make this relationship stronger. Your followers deliberately chose to value your work by paying for it. This will bring them closer to you, but also the rest of their fellow followers who made the same investment. They found common ground in a way to support you and appreciate your work, which will make them more dedicated & loyal towards you and each other. A lively and engaged community can be priceless to your business!

Improving Your Content

With the financial support of your audience you are able to buy the gear you need to bring your content to the next level. Something that will benefit your audience in return. By monetizing your audience you are able to get the support you need to make better & more consistent content. 

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Growing Your Business

It might not take a genius to figure this one out, but yes monetizing your audience can make you grow your business (more) rapidly. You will be able to invest in resources for your business and the quality of your content. Focus your monetized resources on reaching more people too, so you can build a stronger following.

In summary, monetizing your audience is not a bad thing but quite the opposite. It is vital for growing your business, supporting your audience, building your community, improving your content & most importantly : getting valued for the work you do!

So get out there & find the monetization model that suits your audience!

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