Why Presence Optimization is Important?


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Sep 9, 2020

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Hi,June here



The past 8 months seems an eye-opener for us to know how important it is for a business to have a digital presence. This made me realize that when a storefront is forced to close, all the hardship can fall apart in an instant

I’m relieved somehow that digital platforms exist. This gives us a chance to bring our business online and stay connected to our customers even during this trying time. This is exactly why optimizing digital presence is very important because even if you have social media pages or a website, just existing online is not enough – especially this time that the competition is really high.

You have an advantage though, that’s a good start. All you have to do now is maximize it to its full potential because if your online assets don’t contribute to your end goal, it only wastes your effort.

Presence Optimization is a term I’ve coined which encompasses the process of enhancing your digital assets to make your brand have better VISIBILITY, AWARENESS, and ultimately CONVERSION..

We actually all have 4 main assets where I distribute and share hustle hacks regularly.

I like to call these, my digital W.I.F.E.

W.I.F.E stands for:

W – Website

I – Instagram

F- Facebook

E – Email List.

And just like a real wife does, my digital W.I.F.E supports me to achieve my goal. It helps me have a personal connection to my target audience while I spend more time on the things I love. That’s why I always recommend to my clients and students to have their own too.

I focus on optimizing these 4 assets because I can control my content on these platforms.  and even those I can’t control like customer feedback, I can freely use them as social proof.

Again, just existing online is not enough to achieve long term results. You have to make sure that your presence is optimized per asset and it fits perfectly with your tribe.

By sharing valuable content where people stay to your page since they get something from it, you deliver quality goods/services that make people want to share it to others, you are easy to approach as you socialize and show empathy with your audience, and you consistently give them entertainment that keeps their interest and ultimately keeps that relationship.

Basically, having an optimized presence open OPPORTUNITIES to connect with your audience with LESS work because your digital W.I.F.E can do the work for you. You will be visible to people who are searching relevant to your niche so even if you’re sleeping, people can still find you.

With that said, it gives you the FREEDOM to do what you love too – just like me.

You can travel the globe and work remotely, and spend more time with the people that you care for because your online presence is doing your work for you – answering those FAQ’s, providing some insight into what you do, shows them how your product/service can be a great fit for the people engaging/searching you.

Having an optimized presence gives MOMENTUM to get consistent results both online and offline.

Have you got your Presence Optimized?

And let me end with this:

The WIFE, is really the virtual support. The more important presence is within yourself, which is a topic I’ll be diving into this year as we have all faced this challenge.

We were all forced into lockdown, a rapid and sudden change to any or all of our plans – I am sure this made some of us adapt and shift.

Some might have been terribly impacted – which I wanted to extend a helping hand.

I really believe that if businesses and even yourself as a personal brand have these digital assets optimized you can really be setting yourself up for success.

Having this presence online would have helped so many physical businesses too – and that’s why I’m going to be teaching the foundations in my upcoming free webinar.

I am holding this on the 30th of September and urge you to share this with anyone who will need it. Please attend the online class. It will help you walk away on the road to getting that happy WIFE.

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