8 Wonders in Creating a Low-cost and Efficient Advertising Campaign

8 Wonders in Creating a Low-cost and Efficient Advertising Campaign

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May 26, 2019

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The word social media explains itself, it is a medium of interaction between people regardless of location. When we say interaction, it is the process exchanging of information. Social media interaction is consequential step for business and is a big triumph card. Using it in a cleverly manner stimulates audience engagement.


  • It increases brand awareness – A huge amount of people in this day and age use social media one way or another. They’re now the dominant platform when it comes to marketing today. Admit it, you have seen a brand before that you haven’t even heard about in these social networks. Guess what, you’re aware of them now thanks to those social media platforms.

  • Increases followers – Through social media, you can pretty much be up to date with your favorite brands. And what do people love to consume? New information. That’s why people follow brands. They want to know what’s new and what’s going on. And what’s the best available source for people to know that? Correct, social media.

  • Attracts new and potential customers – In conjunction with the first two benefits, when you increase your followers and your brand awareness, you’ll gain exposure. And what does exposure mean? New people. What are new people? Those are people that are willing to spend their money if they find value to what you’re offering.

  • Interaction between your audience, builds trust and loyalty – Social Media and Social Networks are a great way to interact with your consumer and fans! No need for emails, phone numbers, mail or anything like that. When you see a comment, you can reply instantly without much effort.

8 Steps You Need to Consider in Creating an AD (text, images, or video)

Whatever ad it is you’re creating, may it be texts, images, or videos, I’ve got you covered! All of these can be applied to whatever content it is you’re trying to promote.

1.) Clear your thoughts about what’s really your Goal and Objective

Your Goal is what you want to achieve with your ad. While your Objectives are the individual steps you’ll take in order to achieve your ad. Does that make sense? I hope it does.

But they do ask the same questions. What do you want to let your audience know? What do you want to stick to them in the end of the day? These questions can only be answered if you really know your Goal and Objective. This is arguably the most important aspect of your ad because it’s not you that makes ads, it’s your Goal and Objective that do (Philosophically speaking).

2.) Make a Checklist

In relation to to the first step, you need to list down your objectives. Some may not need them. Mostly do though. It’s a visual guide of what you need to do with your ad. Admit it, most of us lose track of what we have originally intended. This will serve as your visual pathway to making you successful ad. Without a clear road, it’s hard to know where you’re going (Again, philosophically speaking).

3.) Know your Target Audience

Having the right audience just might be the difference between a successful ad and not a successful ad. Let’s say you have the most amazing cooking ad that you and your team could ever create. However, your audience are teenagers which most are not interested in cooking.

The right audience is key. The age, location, interest, and budget are factors that you also have to consider. You have to target the audience that value you the most because if they consider you valuable, they will be also valuable to you.

4.) Simple but Complex

You know what they say. Simplicity is  indeed beauty. But Simplicity can be complex at the same time. What do I mean by this? No need for unnecessary stickers and anything like that. . You can often create a simple content that gets people thinking and talking.

Sometimes, try not to babysit your audience through your ad. Add a little bit of complexity and let them realize themselves what’s the message your trying to convey. But make it simple enough that it won’t take enough brain power to levitate objects.

5.) Short but Precise

Does the length matter? It doesn’t! It’s all in the performance! of the ad! And how do you get performance in the ad? By providing kick-ass content! Longer doesn’t mean better ladies…. and gentlemen.

It’s actually more advised to have a little text or short video time duration. Longer ads won’t assure its efficiency. Your audience may find it boring to read a long drawn-out text or watch a stretched out video. Every second is precious. That’s why the more precise your content, the better your audience’s time is spent.

6.) The Little Details Matter

Small details could also add interests in you audience. They’ll know how much you care! But just add the important parts. No need for unnecessary things.

7.) Check your Checklist (No pun intended)

Almost done! And what do you do when your almost done? You double check if you’ve missed something. Especially in your checklist since that’s your guide! You might have missed a small detail that could generate a butterfly effect and lose tons of prospects. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

8.) Engage

Finally, last but certainly not the least, engagement. You should let your audience know that you care about them. Because in reality, you should! You wouldn’t be making ads without your audience. Make your consumers see you as a person instead of a producer.

You can achieve this by simply responding to their messages. If they have questions, concerns, comments, anything that you can reply to, do it. Yes, I know, we are all busy and can’t possibly reply to all of them. However, we can reply to a few. And that’s sometimes enough to let you audience know that you care.

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