I'm June Aye,

Work smart, Create more.

Helping Creative CEOs w/ Growth Strategy & Systems.
Qudoze Agency (My OBM team) supports Creators who want to reclaim time, live in freedom & scale business remotely.

As a Creative CEO,

In our lives, it’s important to be present - not caught up with endless deadlines, drowning in work, or wasting energy on vanity metrics.

Running a business is a journey - and it’s not always easy.

I learnt this when I scaled a business while traveling to over 50 countries. On that journey, I found more ways to get back time for myself so I could enjoy the freedom AND grow my business.

This message is for creative CEOs who want to be present in their lives: scaling your business does not need to consume all of your time. It’s possible to focus your energy only on jobs that need you. You CAN scale your business, be present in your journey, AND reclaim more time to be creative. 

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You have complete control over what you choose to achieve and manifest.

work smart, create more

After years of growing innovative businesses in startup and tech, I left a six-figure salary and started a business of my own. I scaled that business while travelling - and turned my love of systems into a framework for my creative clients. 

I’ve mapped a framework for clients to optimize their online presence, reclaim time, and live a life of their own design. I create systems so my creative clients can optimize their online presence, convert audiences, and scale businesses from anywhere in the world.

These systems have helped clients celebrate 5-figure launches and 6-figure selling periods so they can focus on what matters most: creating art.

About  June 

June's story

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cmo & coo to creative ceos

I’m here to help creatives find true freedom by doubling down on what they do best: finding joy in creativity.

I’m here to help you...

Create your own freedom exactly where you want.

Chase your own version of success every step of the way.

Work for yourself, with time to be creative, surrounded by people whom you love - and still make lots of money. It starts with trust in yourself - your success starts with your beliefs.

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Optimize your business, systems or teams. Here’s how we can work together & take your business to the next level:

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Done for you approach, having an Full Service Agency/ OBM team bringing your business ideas to life. Implementation & Ideation & More 

JuneAye consulting 1:1. Integrating & Optimizing existing teams. Bridging gap between marketing & business operations.

Group coaching program to Optimize Your Business Remotely


business consulting (cmo/coo)



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Reclaim time in your creative freedom by building better strategies & systems to grow your business while you create.

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Working with Creative 

There’s something special about working with creatives who think bigger. They constantly stretch their limits, challenging themselves at every corner.

But even the most innovative & creative people need systems to fuel their growth.

I have an analytical side that supports creatives and brings their ideas to life. My expertise in strategizing and planning, managing accounts, and building talented teams to execute those plans is the perfect fit for creatives who think differently.

 CEOs who think differently


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A Creator Agency

Systems, people and analytics are critical to creativity. I’ve spent 7 years finding the best talent and mapping out processes/systems needed so you can optimize your online presence.

As a creative, you shouldn’t have to do everything alone. When you partner with Qudoze Agency, you take the complexity out of managing projects yourself.

You ideate. We do the rest.

Go from overwhelmed creative to creative CEO

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Sometimes, we find ourselves getting lost in the hustle, forgetting why we started creating in the first place.

We lose sight of our vision because we’re too busy chasing perfection.

I know what it’s like to wake up at 3am to get the perfect shot, just to look up and realize you’ve spent the past few days consumed by your work.

I believe presence is being focused and engaged in the ‘now’ and your surroundings.

Living in the present is the foundation to a life full of passion and purpose.

Think about the times in your life you’ve been fully present, not overwhelmed by work. Do you remember your focus being more defined?

Being present to your surroundings, your community, and those you love is the secret to making the most of every moment.

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