Empowering Creatives: How We’ve Helped Our Clients Thrive

Empowering Creatives: How We’ve Helped Our Clients Thrive

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Dec 6, 2023

We help traveling Creative CEO’s with Online Business Optimization. Helping them reclaim time to create more (time, money, freedom)

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Hi,June here

As a creative entrepreneur, have you ever wished for more hours in the day to focus on your passion? 

In today’s digital marketplace, the life of a creative entrepreneur is one filled with paradoxes. On one hand, there’s the invigorating FREEDOM to pursue your passions, to mold and shape ideas into reality. On the other, there’s this TIME constraint – I’m sure you can relate to trying to wear all the hats in your business, feeling like hours are just minutes and you’ve hardly made a dent on your to-do list – yikes!

Balancing business tasks with your love for creating can be such a struggle. At Quodoze, we understand this delicate balance more than anyone. We’ve built our foundation on a simple yet profound realization: 

Creators should Create. 

Everything else, all the business admin that can dilute your focus and dampen your creative flame, can be managed, streamlined, and optimized. That’s the essence of what we provide – Creator Support that’s as passionate and dedicated as you are about your craft.

Our mission at Quodoze is clear-cut: to liberate creative entrepreneurs from the time-consuming tasks that distract them from their passions. 

We want to help you remove the barriers that restrict flow and creativity, providing a service that isn’t just about task management or schedule optimization—it’s about fostering an environment where your creative self can THRIVE.

In a world that often prizes quantity over quality, we stand as guardians of the latter, understanding that true artistry cannot be rushed. Our comprehensive Creator Support system is designed to absorb the shockwaves of administrative demands, giving you back the precious hours that fuel your creative fires. We want to declutter your workload and declutter your mind, so that your passion is the only thing on your mind.

Our approach is holistic, recognizing that each creator’s needs are unique. Therefore, we tailor our services to fit the contours of your business, ensuring that support is never one-size-fits-all. It’s about syncing with your rhythm, understanding the pulse of your projects, and harmonizing with your mission.

Quodoze is a sanctuary for Creators. As you pour your essence into your work, we handle the rest, ensuring that your energy flows towards what you love most—bringing your ideas to life, telling stories that matter, and sharing your art with the world.

This mission, your mission, is a journey we embark on together. At Quodoze, we do more than support creators; we join them, hand in hand, as they chart the unexplored territories of their imagination. 

Together, we transform the dream of a balanced creative life from a lofty ideal into a living, breathing reality; From launching digital products to managing customer support and optimizing workflows, our team is passionate about seeing talented individuals thrive and so we’d like to share some inspirational success stories from our team at Qudoze and our lovely Creators:


Chelsea Kauai

Chelsea Kauai’s partnership with Quodoze blossomed from a shared vision rooted in authenticity and a passion for life’s boundless adventures. I remember when I first encountered Chelsea’s world, long before our initial meeting. I was captivated by her compelling content, her soulful embrace of the world’s natural wonders, and the connection she shared with her audience. 

As a freediver, acro yoga teacher, and a voice that resonated with the rhythms of Hawaii, she had already established a remarkable presence with one of the highest engagement rates in the travel industry. Yet, despite her digital prowess, Chelsea’s online business infrastructure was still uncharted territory.

When Chelsea and I finally sat down to chart the course for her online expansion, there was a tangible excitement in the air. It was clear that her loyal audience was more than ready to support her in new ventures beyond the confines of social media. They were drawn not just to her stunning visuals and adventures but to the authenticity and mindfulness she represented. 

We didn’t start with the usual approach to brand building; we began by listening. We listened to Chelsea’s vision, her values, and how she wanted her personal flow state—her peak creative expression—to be the guiding force of her brand. It led us to not only define her branding but to also create her iconic logo, which encapsulates the essence of flow, an ode to the state she perpetually strives to embody, how cool!?

We also crafted her digital domain, an online presence that broke the mold of conventional sales and landing pages. Chelsea’s website became an extension of her ethos, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the realms of Mindfulness, Movement, & Creativity. Each element, each page, is a journey in itself, reflecting the paths Chelsea encourages others to explore alongside her (so unique!).

Our collaboration didn’t end there, we launched her Lightroom Preset shop, which quickly became a beacon of financial empowerment, earning six figures in passive income! Our support extended to managing and fostering a thriving community for her Notes To Self (NTS) initiative, which blossomed to 11k followers, cultivating a dedicated following beyond her personal brand.

In every aspect of our partnership with Chelsea, we at Qudoze have been more than service providers; we’ve been collaborators, confidants, and co-creators in her journey. This is the essence of what we do for creators everywhere—empowering them to focus on their passion, to create, and to inspire, while we take care of the rest.


Ciara Johnson

We just love Cirara’s website, exploring her website connects you to every place she has traveled to. As a former corporate employee turned globetrotter, Ciara’s dream was to balance wanderlust with a successful career by partnering with world-renowned brands. Our adoration for her platform led us to meticulously optimize her website, specifically her blog that has become a go-to resource for aspiring digital nomads.

We didn’t just revamp her site; we revolutionized her content strategy, introducing a repurposing workflow that breathed new life into her social media presence. Our collaboration went beyond mere aesthetics — we delved into the mechanics of her online persona, designing a freebie that not only captivated her audience but also established a steady stream of passive income.

Our interventions enabled Ciara to transform her brand into an embodiment of freedom and inspiration, cultivating more passive opportunities and ensuring her website was a beacon of value for her followers. 

It’s a joy to witness Ciara embrace the life of a true citizen of the world, fully supported by the digital infrastructure we helped construct. Every partnership she forges, every adventure she embarks on, is a testament to the dreams she’s living — dreams that we at Quodoze are proud to be a part of.


Sorelle Amore

Sorelle Amore is a testament to the fact that when creativity is disconnected from business admin, it THRIVES. Our engagement with Sorelle began with a critical mission: to protect her most valuable asset—time. 

We started by refining her communication channels, handling each query with care and personal touch, freeing Sorelle from wearing the ‘business communication’ hat in her business.

Yet, our collaboration with Sorelle Amore transcended mere communications management – Recognizing her desire to forge deeper connections with her audience, we launched an exclusive workshop. This initiative wasn’t just an event; it was a shared experience that invited her community into a space of learning and inspiration, bridging the gap between creator and audience, fostering a dialogue of growth and passion.

As the support team for Sorelle’s operational needs, we meticulously crafted a workflow that interlaced her twin ventures. Our support became the invisible scaffolding upon which her businesses leaned, allowing them to grow and evolve without encroaching on her creative space. Sorelle entrusted us with the full spectrum of business administration and management tasks that used to seep into her creative sanctuary. 

Our partnership with Sorelle extended to her life beyond pixels and screens. During continental relocations, a time that can upheave even the most grounded of spirits, we ensured that her assets and business undertakings transitioned smoothly.

In every step, our objective at Qudoze was clear: amplify Sorelle Amore’s creative voice by silencing the background noise of business operations. 

Through our collaboration, Sorelle rekindled her relationship with her work, not as a burdensome necessity, but as a joyful expression of her inner world, shared with an ever-growing community that looks to her for vision, guidance, and inspiration.


Kolder Creative

At Quodoze, we recognize that the alchemy of teamwork lies in seamless integration and harmony. Prior to our intervention, Kolder Creative’s processes were lengthy, stretching up to a month’s time—valuable weeks where creativity could stagnate. 

We of course had to step in and optimize their operational tempo, compressing timeframes dramatically from a month to a mere week without sacrificing the quality and depth of their creative output.

Our approach was to install a robust system within the organization through which ideas, feedback, and strategies could flow effortlessly. We reimagined their collaborative ecosystem, transforming individual efforts into a singular, optimized workflow. 

The adoption of a cutting-edge productivity management tool wasn’t merely about task tracking; it was about casting a vision, bringing every stroke of genius and every logistical detail into crisp focus for every creator and project manager involved.

The rebranding journey for Kolder Creative, guided by Sam Kolder’s visionary eye, was a voyage into the very soul of the brand. Our role transcended beyond advisory; we crafted this beautiful representation of their brand. The new logo, a dynamic blend of motion graphics, became a symbol representing the essence of Kolder Creative’s spirit.

In lockstep with Kolder Creative, we navigated through the intricacies of website updates, ensuring that the digital side of their brand was just as engaging and cutting-edge as the content it represented. 

Product refinement, too, was a collaborative effort. We delved deep into their offerings, finding clarity until each product stood as a testament to Kolder Creative’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

Our work with Kolder Creative was a holistic journey of growth and refinement. Through strategic hiring and detailed organizational growth strategies, we helped cultivate a fertile ground for creativity and success.

As a result of our collaborative efforts, Kolder Creative didn’t just experience a boost in productivity; they felt the very culture of their work transform. 

It was so epic to work together with Sam’s Video Academy community! 


JayShetty Coaching

During my time as Director of Marketing at JayShetty Coaching, I focused on strategic evolution and brand refinement. With a hands-on approach, I led the support for their cross-channel marketing endeavors, managing a dynamic team that was pivotal in dissecting and optimizing ad campaigns for enhanced conversion rates. 

Our collective efforts were aimed not just at marketing their courses but at developing their business operations to mirror the ethos of excellence that JayShetty Coaching embodies.

By conducting a thorough marketing audit, we did not merely suggest alterations; we spearheaded product innovation that was data-driven and aligned with their brand promise. 

The creation of robust lead generation assets was a critical component in constructing an evergreen sales funnel that not only amplified sales but also furnished valuable insights for informed marketing decisions.

In the realm of analytics, we delved deep, optimizing data measurement points which played a significant role in sculpting the revenue landscape. This comprehensive analysis went beyond numbers—it breathed life into revenue returns, enriching the financial narrative with actionable intelligence.

As a unified front, we dissected the sales and marketing funnel, unraveling its complexities to pinpoint its influence on the bottom line. Through meticulous evaluation and refined messaging, we unlocked the full potential of human resources, enhancing communication and cohesion across the multifaceted teams within JayShetty Coaching.

Our engagement was a testament to the power of collaborative ingenuity, marked by a meticulous approach to business development and an unwavering commitment to reflecting the brand’s core values in every strategy we deployed.



Nebula represents more than just a coworking space—it’s the heartbeat of entrepreneurial spirit in Bali. When we first connected with Nebula, it was clear they wanted to become a hub for innovators and dreamers. 

At Quodoze, we took on the exciting challenge of bringing this vision to life, starting with a website that embodies the essence of community and collaboration that Nebula stands for.

From the ground up, we were instrumental in the launch of Nebula, carefully crafting each element to resonate with the needs of today’s entrepreneurs. Recognizing the importance of on-the-ground support, we were deeply involved in assembling a passionate team, handpicking community managers who not only support the daily operations but also nurture the space’s vibrant culture. 

These individuals have become the cornerstone of Nebula, upholding an environment where ideas flourish and connections are made.

The spirit of Nebula is now encapsulated in its online presence—a digital doorway to a place where business meets serenity. Our work with Nebula extends beyond mere consultancy; we have sown the seeds of a thriving ecosystem that continues to empower and inspire. 

As Nebula grows, its roots remain firmly planted in the values we helped establish, fostering a community that thrives on the exchange of knowledge and the collective pursuit of excellence.



When Trevor Hindz, known to the digital world as Hindzsight, first partnered with Quodoze, he was at a crossroads, grappling with burnout. 

As an artist, storyteller, and mindfulness educator, Hindz had cultivated a sanctuary for over 1.5 million followers across his platforms—YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and his podcast, ‘In Hindzsight’—a place where they could savor a cup of tea while diving into discussions on spirituality and self-discovery. 

His content offers a soothing audio-visual embrace, an oasis of calm for those navigating the complexities of wellness and mental health.

Recognizing the need to protect Hindz’s energy and preserve the authenticity of his space, Qudoze sprang into action. We built a framework that not only structured and secured partnerships six months in advance but also introduced systems to manage these relationships more efficiently. 

Our approach was to alleviate the pressure, to ensure Hindz could continue to nurture his community without the weight of operational stress.

The recent launch of his membership program stands as a testament to this journey—a pivot designed to realign his brand with its core values and move towards a model powered by those who matter most: his audience. 

This transition away from dependency on sponsorships towards audience-powered support is a transformative step for Hindzsight, allowing Hindz to create not out of necessity, but out of love for the community that looks to him for guidance and inspiration. 

Quodoze has been there every step of the way, ensuring that the heart of Hindz’s message beats strongly and his creative vision continues to illuminate the path for millions on their journey of self-reflection and growth.

Qudoze is here to Support you

These case studies highlight our commitment to providing creator support and allowing our clients the freedom to do what they love most – creating. Whether it’s launching digital products, optimizing workflows, or managing customer support, our team is dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs THRIVE. If you’re looking for more freedom to create while delegating business tasks, we’re here to support you.

We know you didn’t start your creative journey to get bogged down by the nitty-gritty of business management. Your passion is what the world needs, and the behind-the-scenes hustle? Leave that to us. We’re talking emails, customer queries, sales funnels, content management and all those bits and bobs that keep your ship sailing but pull you away from the helm of creativity.

Imagine never having to sweat the small stuff again. No more slogging through endless admin tasks when you could be crafting your next masterpiece. 

With Quodoze, you’ll reclaim the time — that most elusive and precious resource — and channel it back into your passion. We’re your backstage crew, making sure the spotlight stays firmly on you and your vision.

Our Creator Support is your secret weapon. We’re not just about ticking boxes; we’re about ticking off your wildest dreams.

So, are you ready to take the leap and focus on your passion while we handle the business side of things? Sign up for Creator Support here, and step into the world where your talent truly gets to shine. 

After all, your next big idea deserves your full attention — and that’s exactly where it should be.

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