Facebook’s Algorithm: Debunked!

Facebook’s Algorithm: Debunked!

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Jan 5, 2019

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The First Step: Understanding the Situation

There’s been a slight uproar in regards to Facebook’s new Algorithm.


If you don’t have the time to read all that boring stuff, here’s the gist of it.

In Summary: Facebook wants you to be more engaging! Because of that, some things that worked before might not work now and vice versa. So JUNEAYE will be providing you the information you need on how to successfully gain the algorithm’s favor.

Disclaimer: This is not some super in-depth guide in how to cheat your way into the algorithm. We’ll just be providing the general information you need and a few tips here and there. We don’t want to cram and simplify all the info into one place in order to avoid mediocrity. If we’ll be giving you in-depth guides, then we have to go all out! Unfortunately, this is not the place for that. For that purpose, you can refer to the different topics we will and have been posting. But our goal in this article is still the same: Help gain the algorithm’s favor! In the end of this article, it’s still all up to you in how you will use the information that you have acquired!

The Second Step: What you need to know (A.K.A. the important stuff)

  1. Post Something that will generate conversation!

– No, I’m not talking about likes and shares. But the more likes and shares you get, the more exposure you’ll have right? That was true. What Facebook wants now are not likes and shares but comments!

Like what I’ve said in the summary, Facebook wants engagement. To be more specific, Facebook wants people to stay connected to each other. So you have to follow what Facebook wants. If you post something that people will comment on, their friends will more likely respond to that then let’s say a like. And chances are, people will likely respond to that comment through a reply. That’s engagement right there. That’s what Facebook wants and what the algorithm wants. And whether you like it or not, that too, is what you will want.

How to achieve it:

a) Ask questions
– It’s a no brainer. If you ask questions, people are more likely to comment with their answers. You will also get more shares this way because people want to also know what their friends’ answer are! However, not all questions are equal. Some type of questions are just better than others so keep that in mind!

b) Give tasks that require comments
– This is slightly similar to the first one, but also slightly different. Instead of blatantly asking, use instructions to get people to comment. One of the best example of this are fill in the blank posts.

c) For the love of God! don’t use engagement baits!
– In reference to the second tip, post something that will require your audience to comment. Some may come to the conclusion that blatantly asking for comments (even likes and shares) is a good idea. That couldn’t be further from the truth. This engagement bait posts are recognized by Facebook and knows that these are spams. And not the edible one! So instead of generating engagement, Facebook will decrease your relevance and exposure to your potential audience.

d) Debatable topics

– Ah, yes. Making people debate is a powerful source of engagement indeed. Like it or not, that’s the truth. Controversy comes into mind yes? However, you must be careful in these scenarios. You could potentially lose some or even more of your audience members with just the wrong one or two words. Also, if you don’t mind your audience transforming your comment section into a radiated place of toxicity, then post to your heart’s content.

e) Commenting and Replying to comments
– Wouldn’t you be inclined to reply back if you’re favorite Facebook page replied to you personally? That’s why take the time to read some of the comments. You could also answer the most frequently asked questions by just commenting. In return, people would likely reply or even comment on their own on how caring and thoughtful you are!

f) Use the people around you

– I know this sounds evil right off the bat, but hear me out! Engagement is our goal. If you personally share something about your business and maybe make it a little personal, there’s a high probability of engagement with your friends and family when they see your post! Or if you don’t want to do that, make some of the people within your business do it for you! Let them share and engage about your business.

    2)    Catch your audience’s attention

– This is self explanatory. Now matter how great your post is, it won’t matter if it wouldn’t catch any attention. Why the hell are you even reading this explanation? You already know the explanation

How to achieve it:

a) Short and Simple!

– When posting, just make it short. Maybe a max of 80 characters, more or less. Long posts are not usually easy reads. They often require a level of commitment and time. Unfortunately, a majority of people don’t have those. Hence, less is more!

b) Jump in the Band Wagon!
– Of course, getting in the latest trends will likely get more people to look at your posts. Yes, some might not like this method. I’m one of those people, actually. But opinions don’t beat facts. So you better prepare you trend radar and your hashtags!

c) Use Visual Aids
– What’s more eye-catching and more pleasing to look at? Plain texts or authentic pictures? I’d guess pictures. Even when you’re posting a plain text, just turn those words into an authentic picture and you’re done! However, what’s more stimulating than pictures? Moving pictures! Yes, I’m talking about videos. Videos have gotten bigger than ever before in Facebook and its algorithm. Even more recently, live Videos even get more engagement in audience members! Commenting on something live is just more exciting than commenting on something that’s pre-recorded.

d) Use Subtitles
– This ties in with the use of videos in Facebook. A surprising number of people watch videos with sounds off! In fact, 85% of people do! That’s just crazy. As to address the 85% of people who don’t listen to videos, subtitles are the solution! Subtitles are just more appealing to people who don’t listen to videos. Keep in mind however that this depends in your type of video. If the videos requires some level of deep understanding, or is telling a narrative, subtitles are just very helpful for that.

e) Limit your posts (Only 1 to 3 a day!)

– What has this got to do with attention, you ask? The more the posts, the more chances of you getting attention right? Well, not really, at least according to the statistics. Like they say, less is more! Why is this the reason? If you have more posts a day, chances are, the quality of your posts gets distributed to each one of this posts. So your posts now are quantity content rather than the favored quality content. Personally, I prefer quality shit every now and then rather than mediocrity everyday.

f) Keywords are the key!

– The words matter! Was there a time where you’re just browsing Facebook and saw something interest? But then, immediately get turned off because of a single word? Even if you have or have not, the majority of people have. Certain types of words get more engagement in posts in others. Especially in promotions! However, different topics have different keywords. So you better start doing your homework.

    3) Create your niche


– But isn’t having a bigger range of audience better? Well, that’s not wrong. However, having a niche will allow you to make more quality content. For one, you only have to focus in a specific area rather than multiple ones. So whatever it may be, researching, service, strategies, you can only focus it in one area! Remember it is quality we’re after since engagement seeks quality.

How to Achieve it:

a) Know your target Audience

– Before having your niche, you must first know who your audience are. What they want and what they need. After that, ask yourself if you’re cable of doing what they want and need. If not, you either find ways to make that happen or focus on another niche.

b) Focus on Facebook Groups

– While having a Facebook page is not bad since it’s like your public profile. Everyone can see what your business is all about. People can follow you. But people can’t really be a part of you. They can’t properly interact with a Facebook page. Unlike Facebook groups where people of the same interests can communicate together. People will be more committed that way. And if people commit and interact, what do you get? Engagement! Though I don’t suggest just solely making a Facebook group. It’s up to you what to do.

     4) Give what Facebook wants


– Remember, it’s not you who controls Facebook. Don’t believe those who say they’ve got Facebook on the palm of their hands. It’s the other way around! So if you give your almighty overlord and savior, Facebook, what it wants, it will surely reward you.

How to Achieve it:

a) Don’t use links, people
– Facebook doesn’t want people using other sites. Of course, they want their platform to be the only one being used. However, well know that, that’s impossible. But that doesn’t mean they can’t try their best! So posts that have a lot of links in them will likely reach little to none.

b) Quality News

– In a recent post in 2018, Facebook has said that trustworthy news are being prioritized. This might not be relevant to you since you’re not in that field. But hear me out. We sometimes makes statements about the news for different reasons (Business, personal, or otherwise). And those statement will likely have information. If you can see where I’m going, the spread of misinformation is not really something trustworthy. So before you make a statement about something, it’s best to do your homework first. Since the wrong information would not only lower your brand image, Facebook will also lower your exposure.

c) Facebook Advertisement

– There’s no argument here. Only a few portion of your target audience sees your page. Facebook has been reducing organic reach each year. So what are the things that you can do to reach your target audience? Ads! Invest in them Ads! On top of that, according to the statistics, your RIO (return-on-investment) will skyrocket.

d) Use the scientific method

– And if all else fail, use the scientific method! The scientific method has been used by all kinds of people, not only scientists. Why? Because it works! The goal of the scientific method is to further understand and discover. If you’ve done everything and it’s still not working,

First: Observe. Look at the things that are failing.
Second: Formulate a question. Be specific in what you want to know!
Third: Make your hypothesis. What’s the problem and what do you think can solve it?
Fourth: Conduct an experiment. Test out things. Test out your hypothesis. g

Fifth: Look at the results. Look at the data that you have gathered through analytics. If it didn’t work, go back to step 1. If you succeed, congrats. You’ve got your answer.


The Third and Final Step: The Conclusion

If you find it hard to remember all of these things, just go and list down the numbers and letters within them. You can always refer back to this article if you forgot something. These are just general tips and not in-depth ones. In the end, it’s all up to you on how you convert this information into profit.

Everything changes. That includes Facebook’s algorithm. This won’t be probably the last time we talk about Facebook’s algorithm. Until then, wait for the second coming! We’ll be sure to post when the time comes!

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