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Nov 7, 2023

We help traveling Creative CEO’s with Online Business Optimization. Helping them reclaim time to create more (time, money, freedom)

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I’m doing it again! It would be silly not to considering how much fun it was & the impact for our BOMbees.

Enrollment for our 6 week interactive live mastermind on how to scale your online business & create more time, money & freedom is officially OPEN!

It’s time to turn your passion into a successful remote business.

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What is BOM about?

If you are a creator, entrepreneur, photographer, or videographer who is ready to transition into a successful remote business, this is for YOU!
Every week, I will lead you through various facets of your new journey, providing step-by-step guidance on transitioning from your current situation to a thriving, remote setup that offers freedom
In just 6 weeks, you will:
  • Find aligned clients through fine-tuned positioning
  • Gain clarity on your offering & where to put your focus
  • Gain a supportive community of like-minded people that hold you accountable & more
Everything about what’s included, what makes BOM different & reviews from previous BOMbees can be found here!
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

2. [TOOL] – Opus Clip

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to a tool that’s about to revolutionize how you create content – Opus Clip. It harnesses the power of AI to effortlessly transform long videos into captivating shorts.

Here’s what makes Opus Clip a game-changer:

  • With a single click, Opus Clip turns your long videos into engaging shorts – ideal for YouTube, Reels, Pinterest or LinkedIn!
  • Remove filler words, add captions with 97%+ accuracy & it ensures that you’ll always be at the center of the frame with Opus Clip’s AI-powered editing.
  • Opus Clip assigns a virality score to each clip, enhancing your chances of creating viral content based on AI’s analysis of thousands of successful videos.
  • It speaks different languages, supporting English, German, Spanish, French, & Portuguese.
  • Auto-generates precise transcripts – no more juggling note-taking!

Give Opus a try & let me know how it goes!

3. [RESOURCE] – Oliver Meakings on Mistakes of Landing Pages & How to fix them!

Ever wondered why some landing pages work like magic, while others leave you scratching your head? Well, I stumbled upon Oliver Meakings’ finding of 2.5 years of roasting people’s landing pages & I had to share it with you.

Let’s face it, landing pages have the potential to turn curious visitors into loyal customers. But here’s the kicker – they can be quite tricky to get right. That’s where Oliver Meakings steps in. He’s on a mission to help us decode the mysteries of landing page success.

Check out these 3 Common Mistakes & How to Fix it!

  1. Make the Problem Feel Real: People might have a problem your product solves, but they don’t always realize how much it bothers them. To fix this, remind them of the problem & why it matters on your page. It helps them see the need for your solution.
  2. Answer Their Questions: Sometimes, visitors have doubts or questions when they look at your page. It’s crucial to provide answers right there. This builds trust & makes them more likely to take action.
  3. Talk About Them, Not Just You: Your page should talk more about the visitor & what they need, not just about your business. Use words like “you” & “your” to show you understand their needs. This makes them feel like your product is a good fit for them!

So, go ahead, put these lessons into practice, & watch your landing pages work their magic!

Dive into the whole list of mistakes & solutions over on his blog:

Qudoze to Creator: 

Merel – Digital Creator

@andathousandwords on Instagram.


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