New Messenger Update – Facebook & Instagram Merge

New Messenger Update - Facebook & Instagram Merge

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Nov 8, 2020

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Hi,June here



I’m sure you notice your Messenger icon changed color – because Facebook seems to have no plan to stop releasing new and improved features. lol




To be honest, I find these new features very timely since we needed these this time of uncertainty.

So while everyone is sending over 100 billion messages to our friends and family, Facebook came up with about 11 new features on Messenger and Instagram’s Direct Message (DM).

Everyone, of course, prefers to communicate in private but creative chat is more than what we need yet we love to have.




Facebook recently launches their updated Messenger wherein they connected their two family apps – Facebook & Instagram.

They integrated many of the best Messenger features to Instagram to keep us having the best messaging experience no matter which app to use. Being the person who often struggles to find which app I used to send a certain message, this is very handy and I’m very happy with these new features. haha




Here are the new Messenger features coming soon on IG + new features even for Messenger:

  1. Communicate across apps – we can now send messages with our friends and family by sending it whichever app we prefer. We can even join Video Call on either FB or IG.

  2. Watch Together – during quarantine, we missed lots of movie nights with our fam and friends but now, we can watch igtv, reels, tv shows, movies during video call.

  3. Selfie stickers – for me, this is the most fun feature. This is a unique hybrid Boomerang which we can use our own selfies to a sticker/emoji. I love it!

  4. Vanish mode – send secret messages where it allows us to set messages to automatically disappear after they’re seen. Really cool.

  5. Message controls – we can decide who can message us directly and who can’t message. We can even control where we want to receive messages and calls. We choose to receive it in chats, in message request or not at all.

  6. Chat colors – there’s no fun with boring chats – we can now add colors on IG DM.

  7. Customer emoji reactions – we can create shortcuts to our fave emojis to react quickly and send it.

  8. Forwarding – this is super convenient since it allow us to share great content with up to five friends or groups

  9. Replies – we can’t avoid having different topics in one chat portal haha this will allow us to respond directly to a specific message to keep conversation flowing. No more confusion.

  10. Animated message effects – this is a really cool feature. We can add visual flair to our message with animated send effects.

  11. Enhance reporting and blocking updates – it’s hard to control the kind of message we’ll receive. The new update Privacy Policy allows us to report full conversations in addition to single messages on IG and receive proactive blocking suggestions across the two apps.

If you use IG, consider yourself lucky since all these features will be added on DMs and the Emoji reactions and selfie stickers will be available on IG first then will come to messenger soon.

Currently, we have an option not to update to get these features but WHY not?




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