Leader: The True Essence And Importance Of Being One

Leader: The True Essence And Importance Of Being One

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Mar 25, 2019

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A Business owner is a Leader


From the word itself “leader.” What do you do? You lead the hell out of people! That’s the core essence of being a leader. Especially in being a business owner. The nature of your work is like that of a war. The market is your battlefield. And you’re the General who leads his army to victory. Let’s say that your army is good, better even, the cream of the crop. But what if the General doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing? Then the whole army won’t know what it’s doing. Because they don’t have anyone to lead them. That’s your role as a leader

1) The Initiative
– Arguably, the most important role of being a leader is taking the initiative. You will be the one to set things in motion. In reality, people don’t do shit unless they’re told to. “If no one’s gonna do anything then I might as well do the same” is the natural mind set. Unless you’re there to set things straight.


2) The Responsibility

–  Whether you like it or not, succeed or fail, it’s your responsibility. However, you have a team. That means you’re not the sole reason for the outcome. Everyone shares your pain and your joy and the same goes for you. You’re not alone nor any one of your team. Knowing that is sometimes enough.


3) The Inspiration

– Believe it or not, you’re a huge source of inspiration as the leader. You may not be the primary reason why your people keeps on going. But you’re certainly contribute a lot to that. When times get rough, if anyone can bring them up again, that would be you.


4) The Compensator

– Everyone is not perfect. That includes you and the people you lead. Your team is like a set of cogs, working in unison. But not all cogs fit together. That’s where you come in. Whatever it is they lack, you compensate. No matter how bad you are, you have to compensate to keep the cogs working or else, even if one cog doesn’t function properly, all might not function properly. But don’t worry. The same metaphor goes for you! That’s what a team is.


5) The Weight

– The last but not certainly the least is your weight as a leader. You give commands. You give orders. Your weight doesn’t equal to that of anyone in the team. If you make sure that everyone knows this, then your words are their commands. However, remember that you’re a leader! Not a dictator! There’s a huge difference between those two. Don’t get confused!


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