Profitable E-Commerce through Instagram Ads: Making Money and Increasing Sales

Profitable E-Commerce through Instagram Ads: Making Money and Increasing Sales

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Jul 8, 2019

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Hi,June here

When we run a business, we all have on goal in mind. And that’s to make a ton of money. That’s the undeniable truth! We don’t start businesses in hope of breaking it even. What we want are profits.

That’s the same thing with e-commerce. And of course, the same as advertising. In fact, that’s what advertising is for! To make more money.

But, ads don’t always work as planned. Some are great in theory but in a practice, not so much. That’s especially seen in the e-commerce world where ads don’t work all the time.

That’s where this post comes in! The effective way to general sales and make money through Instagram ads with E-commerce!

1. Quality Content Is KING

Quality Content? What do you mean by that June? That’s sounds very vague. Yes, I know it’s vague. But this is the only phrase that truly describes what you need to do (even though it’s vague as fuckkk)

So, okay. What do I mean by content? Content are the things that you post on Instagram, mainly through organic means. So stuff like status posts, images, captions, and videos.

The question is: are you putting in the effort of making these contents? Are you putting in the time? Are you doing research and doing the best practices? Are you making QUALITY content?

Guys, before you complain about not generating sales, ask yourselves first if you have done these hundreds, even thousands of times. If you have, then by all means seek help! But otherwise, try to go through the process first.

Getting back on topic, quality is a hard metric to measure since it has no numerical value and it’s based on opinions. But the most that are likely to generate quality content is those who spend a ton of effort with their content.

Have you guessed why quality content matters? Because it generates the most engagements. It generates the most conversion. It a good amount of reach and brand awareness. It generate sales. And most of all, it will generate a ton of fucking money. Do I still need to continue?

I don’t care what it takes, just make quality content! If you don’t have the skills, then learn it. If you don’t have the time to learn, then hire someone who has the skills. If you don’t have the money to hire someone, then make more money. Yes, it’s easier said than done. But there’s no other way to it. Working hard is a given.

Remember, don’t ask the question if you can do it because you can definitely do it, without a doubt. Instead, ask yourself how can you do it?

2. Emphasize the Lifestyle your Audience want

No matter what business you are, no matter the industry, you’re appealing to an audience. A specific one at that. Maybe you’re in the fashion industry and sell clothes. Maybe a food industry that specializes is French cuisine.

These audiences you have are all different. But the one thing that all of them have in common is: they like your products and/or services.

Think of it, why would you set up a business anyways knowing no one will like it? You set up a business because you think it will work! There’s no question that people like your products or services.

For that reason, you have got to highlight why people buy your products and services in the first place. You have got to highlight the lifestyle that people will get with your product.

Does your product makes it easier to do office work? Does your service help provide ease of access or perhaps a sense of security? Showcase the very reason people are buying your products and services!

Use videos, use photos, use anything that can highlight the lifestyle that people want from you. Maybe how-to videos, or a picture of your product being used. Leverage of people’s desires.

It doesn’t matter how logical or rational you offer. If people don’t desire it, they will not take action. So you have got to appeal to their desires, not their brains!

People don’t buy based on logic. People buy based on their emotions.

3. Yinyang of Product and Audience

Everybody knows Yinyang, It’s such a wide spread philosophy that we sometimes don’t know what we’re talking about is related to Yinyang. The delicate balance of light and dark. Good from evil and other movie tropes that I won’t be talking about.

So, what do I mean? Yinyang is widely believed as two forces that without each other, can’t achieve balance, thus not attaining harmony. I know it’s vague as fuck but what I’m trying to get at is that balance is important!That true to all things. Yes, even in advertising.

We as a brand have to know how to balance our product feeds and how to engage with our community. We can’t just post our products all the time. People will get annoyed and might cause them to unfollow.

While on the other hand, too much content is also not good. People won’t be able to see our products and know nothing about them. That can lead to a decrease in sales and worse, a loss.

That’s why it’s crucial to know how to balance these two forces in marketing. It’s best to keep track with your ads and content to monitor if you’re keeping these balanced.

4. Influencers are Game Changers

Yes, influencers. You know, the people who are famous in Instagram? The ones with thousands of followers? Yup, those guys are valuable especially to us.

They’re a legit way for promoting your product and increasing your sales. Yes, they work, and yes, they’re effective.

Imagine this: Let’s say you have a product worth $50. You decided to pay an influencer to promote your product that has 50,000 followers. He or she charges $500 for one post. You pay him or her $500.

How many people do you need to convert to break even? Only TEN! You only need TEN people to break even! That’s 0.0002 percent of this influencer’s followers!

Let’s say that twenty people buy or 0.0004 percent buy. That’s already a $500 profit. Now imagine if just a little 1% buy? That’s 500 people converting and you’ll receive a profit of $24,500!

You’re convinced now right? Everything seems perfect and your on your way to find an influencer. But there’s a catch.

It’s not that simple. First, that profit is the only profit you have gained through the influencer. That’s still not factoring in production cost, shipping, and others. So don’t expect your ROI to be as big as that.

Another thing is that rates vary depending on the influencer. Of course, the higher the following, the higher the rate. That’s a given. But some charge more than others and of course, the reverse is the same.

You also have to consider the demographic and audience the influencer has. If the influencer is into fitness and health and you’re promoting junk foods, that just won’t work.

So what’s really the answer? Are influencers effective or not? Yes, they are effective but you have to study it first before making a final decision. Don’t invest into something that you don’t understand!


I have to be honest. This is nowhere all of the things you need to really generate massive amounts of wealth through eCommerce ads.

There are just so many things to talk about that it it can’t just fit everything here. In fact, I have other similar blog posts that tackle the same topics!

But even then there’s too much information to learn. It’s really and trust me, this is my job. I know the ins and outs but even I can’t know all of it. Only most of it!

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